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Hello Listener,

First of all, thank you for listening to PolishPod101 lessons and learning with the Free Polish Vocab Lists! We’ve read the replies and are glad to hear you’re improving. Now, are you ready for more? Then get set! There’s a new PolishPod101 feature called My Report. There’s the Ready, Set, Speak Polish 28% discount on our entire learning system. And a free feature that just keeps on boosting your Polish vocab!

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  1. Ends Friday! Learn Polish at 28% OFF Any Basic or Premium Plan!
  2. New Feature! Track Your Polish Study Time & Effort with My Report
  3. Free Feature Alert: Learn More Polish With Bonus Word List Emails

1. Ends Friday! Ready to Speak Polish? Get 28% OFF Basic & Premium!
Ready to start mastering Polish? Learn with real lessons from real teachers. Get 28% OFF Basic or Premium and unlock 90+ hours of audio and video lessons, lesson notes, study tools, exclusive apps and more! That’s as low as $2.88/month for our entire learning system. Take advantage now because this deal expires Friday, May 1st, 2015.

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2. New! Stay Motivated With Personalized Study Stats from My Report
Einstein once said “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” So the only thing between you and mastering Polish is time. And now, there’s a new feature out that tracks the time and effort (flashcards studied) you’ve put into learning Polish at PolishPod101. This is crucial for motivation. Why? Like Einstein said, time and effort will ultimately dictate your Polish learning success. That’s it. So, how much time have you spent learning Polish?

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3. Master New Polish Words with “Free Polish Vocab Bonus” Emails!
Noticed a “Free Polish Vocab Bonus” email in your inbox? It’s a fast way to boost your Polish vocabulary. These lists are based on holidays, current events and all-round useful things like Top 10 Conversational Phrases. Review with definitions, sample sentences and audio pronunciation. If you’re a Premium member, add them to Word Bank or My Flashcards to save, review and master them fast!

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Thank you for reading! More new features coming soon!

Team PolishPod101

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Learn Polish at 28% OFF Any Basic or Premium Plan!