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Polish Vocabulary Words

Linguists know that the key to speeding up language learning lies in increasing vocabulary. Not only does an increased vocabulary enable you to better express yourself, it helps you to better understand what is happening around you.

Learning Polish is no different from learning to speak any other language. Having a good knowledge of Polish words will improve your success with language lessons. Whether you are sitting in a classroom or learning via a Polish podcast, you will get more out of your learning and do so quickly.

Native Polish speakers talk rapidly. Sometimes language learners may not be able to grasp a sentence’s grammar, but if you recognize a few words, you can easily understand what is being discussed. If you are learning Polish for travel purposes, then focusing on your vocabulary instead of your grammar can be ideal, especially if you have only a short time to learn.

You may be wondering how to build a vocabulary outside traditional lessons. There are several approaches to increasing your Polish vocabulary. Spending time watching movies in the Polish language (without subtitles) is a great way to increase your vocabulary naturally, as is listening to Polish radio programs. However, this is most effective if you already speak at an intermediate level. Listening to native speakers is a very good way way to pick up on Polish accents and to learn pronunciation.

An effective and structured way to learn how to speak Polish faster is to choose a core vocabulary of words to memorize. You may begin with a list of ten words, and add new ones weekly. You can also create flash cards, or even better, you can use an iPod or iPhone application to do this. This is a convenient option as you can learn any time you have a few minutes. Many people do best when they can see words and learn the Polish alphabet in written format.

While repetition is the key to learning a new language, studying doesn’t have to be boring. Studying vocabulary words for just five or ten minutes a day will increase learning speed. With just a small investment of effort and time, you will speak and understand Polish easily. A Polish dictionary is an outstanding tool to help you along.

Polishpod101 subscribers can access some great tools that make building knowledge of Polish phrases and vocabulary simple. Each lesson includes a list of vocabulary learned, along with a Polish dictionary and a glossary to find words to add to your own lists. You can build lists to suit specific purposes; for instance, business Polish. The review drill and flash card programs also help build vocabulary. If you decide to learn Polish with the podcast, you can tailor your learning to suit your needs perfectly.