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How to Speak Polish

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Are you planning that once in a lifetime vacation to Poland? Perhaps you have a new job opportunity that calls for learning a new language? Perhaps you find the Polish language intriguing and wish you knew how to speak it. There are many reasons people decide to learn to speak Polish. No matter why you want to learn, speaking Polish is surprisingly easy when you have the proper learning tools.

The secret to speaking Polish? It’s not an expensive series of classes or hours spent with a private tutor. The secret lies in making the most of your time and using learning tools tailored to your needs.

Many ask a simple question: What’s the best way to learn to how to speak Polish? However, the answer to this question is not so simple. Since everyone learns differently, the learning method that works best for you isn’t the same as the one that might work best for your friends or for other members of your family. Some learn best by listening, while some find that learning grammar and sentence structure helps them learn best. Others learn by memorizing words and focusing on vocabulary. When you think about what works best for you, you’ll automatically find the best way to structure your Polish lessons.

If you learn best by hearing other speak, you can use this while learning how to speak Polish. You’ll find a Polish podcast works perfectly since you can listen to native speakers and hear Polish words and phrases spoken correctly in real accents.

Those who learn best by reading find Polish lessons that have a corresponding text helpful. To take advantage of this, find a podcast or lesson that includes accompanying transcriptions along with vocabulary lists. In addition, you’ll benefit by using flash cards and a Polish Dictionary. Many language programs such as Polishpod101 come with applications like these.

Tailoring Polish language lessons to suit your own style is important, and so is committing to studying on a regular basis. By setting aside a time weekly to take a lesson or listen to a Polish podcast, and by spending a few hours each evening learning how to speak Polish, you can speed up your progress.

If you want to learn Polish in a style that suits you, the Polish podcasts and other learning tools at Polishpod101 are ideal, since you can get exactly what you want out of the lessons while learning at your own pace.