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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Do widzenia!

PolishPod101.com Verified
Thursday at 12:08 AM
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Hi Dave

We say:

Do widzenia panu/pani.

Dobranoc panu /pani.

It is because there are different case forms for male and female (you were right!):

1.Nominative - kto? co? - pan/pani

2.Genitive - kogo? czego? - pana/pani

3.Dative - komu? czemu? - panu/pani

4.Accusative - kogo? co? - pana/panią

5.Instrumental - kim? czym? - panem/panią

6.Locative - (o,na,w) kim? (o,na,w) czym? - panu/pani

7.Vocative - o! panie/pani

With 'do widzenia' and 'dobranoc' we use Dative, so 'do widzenia panu/pani', 'dobranoc panu/pani'.

I hope that helps Dave! Feel free to contact me if you have more questions!



Team PolishPod101.com

Wednesday at 01:18 AM
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Can someone explain this for me?

Sir = pan

Madam / Ma'am = pani

Then, why is: "Do widzenia pani" - "Goodbye ma'am"

yet, "Goodbye, Sir" is "Dobranoc panu". Why isn't it pan?

Is it to do with the gender of the words widzenia (female) and dobranoc(male)?

I did read somewhere, that most female gender words end in an "A", most male gender words end in a consonant and most neutor words end in the letter "O".

Is that the reason?

Friday at 02:46 AM
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PolishPod101.com Verified
Monday at 12:57 PM
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Hi Brian,

When you play the lesson, could you click 'Download MP3' instead of the play button? When you click 'download', you'll be able to open the MP3 file directly, instead of going through the Flash-based player.

I believe that would be working well, but please let me know if that also doesn't work. Also, feel free to send us an email at contactus@PolishPod101.com

Thank you!


Team PolishPod101.com

Friday at 06:31 PM
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Hi Jae.....Lessons 1,2and 3 opened correctly and I could play the lessons on my Blackberry...Apparantly these three lessons are free to new customers and I was pleased with 1,2 and 3 so I committed to a full Premium Subscription. Lessons 4 onwards WILL NOT OPEN on my Blackberry because it says I need Adobe Flash Player version 10 or greater to be installed. When I try to load this it tells me Adobe Flash Player in NOT AVAILABLE for my Blackbery Device...If I cannot use my Blackberry then the lessons are NO good to me and I will have to cancel my Subscription.... What can you offer as a solution ?

PolishPod101.com Verified
Friday at 06:16 PM
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Hi Brian,

Could you let us know which part of the lesson is not working correctly? It would be great help if that's about the audio or lesson notes, and also if you see any error messages.

Thank you,


Team PolishPod101.com

Thursday at 02:30 AM
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Cannot get this to work correctly on my blackberry