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Hi, everybody! This is Marzena from PolishPod101.com.
Do you know how to say “thank you” in Polish? In this lesson, you'll learn three different ways to say "thank you" and how to respond.
Let’s start with the easiest one.
[slowly] Dziękuję.
It means “thank you.”
If you want to show your sincere appreciation for something, you can say this phrase.
Dziękuję bardzo.
[slowly] Dziękuję bardzo.
The word bardzo means "very." So this expression means "Thank you very much."
It expresses a deeper appreciation for a personal kindness.
When you want to show your appreciation in a more casual way, you can use this expression.
Dzięki is.
[slowly] Dzięki is.
It means something like "thanks," and you can use it between friends or to show appreciation for a small favor.
Now you know 3 different ways to say "thank you" in Polish! But how do you respond if someone thanks you?
If someone says "thank you" in Polish, simply say Nie ma za co. It means "you're welcome."
Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what we've learned. Listen to the expressions and repeat after me.
“Thank you."
"Thank you so much."
Dziękuję bardzo.
Dziękuję bardzo.
The casual way to say "thanks."
And to respond, just say:
Nie ma za co.
Nie ma za co.
Well done! [pause]
If someone says Dzieki to you casually, just answer by saying Spoko. It means "no problem" casually.
You just learned three different ways to say “thank you” and how to respond in Polish.
And, if you really want to become fluent and speak Polish from the very first lesson, go to PolishPod101.com.
I’ll see you next time. Dziękuję i do zobaczenia na następnej lekcji!

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