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Lesson Transcript

Eric: Must-Know Polish Social Media Phrases Season 1. Lesson 14 - Talking About Your Baby.
Eric: Hi everyone, I'm Eric.
Marzena: And I'm Marzena.
Eric: In this lesson, you'll learn how to post and leave comments in Polish about a smiling baby picture. Kasia plays with her baby, posts an image of it, and leaves this comment:
Marzena: Nasza córeczka!
Eric: Meaning - "Our daughter!" Listen to a reading of the post and the comments that follow.
(clicking sound)
Kasia: Nasza córeczka!
(clicking sound)
Maciek: Najpiękniejsza na świecie .
Tomek: Wykapany tatuś!
Bartek: Moje gratulacje!
Ula: Jaki słodziuch!
Eric: Listen again with the English translation.
(clicking sound)
Kasia: Nasza córeczka!
Eric: "Our daughter!"
(clicking sound)
Maciek: Najpiękniejsza na świecie .
Eric: "The most beautiful one in the world."
Tomek: Wykapany tatuś!
Eric: "Just like daddy!"
Bartek: Moje gratulacje!
Eric: "My congratulations!"
Ula: Jaki słodziuch!
Eric: "What a cutie!"
Eric: Listen again to Kasia's post.
Marzena: Nasza córeczka!
Eric: "Our daughter!"
Marzena: (SLOW) Nasza córeczka! (Regular) Nasza córeczka!
Eric: Let's break this down. First is an expression meaning "our."
Marzena: nasza
Eric: This possessive pronoun communicates that one thing is owned by two or more people. The ending of it will change depending on the gender of the noun that follows. Listen again- "our" is...
Marzena: (SLOW) nasza (REGULAR) nasza
Eric: Then comes the phrase - "lovely daughter."
Marzena: córeczka
Eric: Even though this noun means "daughter," it is a diminutive, which changes the meaning to "lovely daughter", showing the love that parents have for their child. Listen again- "lovely daughter" is...
Marzena: (SLOW) córeczka (REGULAR) córeczka
Eric: All together, "Our daughter!"
Marzena: Nasza córeczka!
Eric: In response, Kasia's friends leave some comments.
Eric: Her husband, Maciek, uses an expression meaning - "The most beautiful one in the world."
Marzena: (SLOW) Najpiękniejsza na świecie . (REGULAR) Najpiękniejsza na świecie .
Marzena: Najpiękniejsza na świecie .
Eric: Use this expression to show you are feeling loving.
Eric: Her college friend, Tomek, uses an expression meaning - "Just like daddy!"
Marzena: (SLOW) Wykapany tatuś! (REGULAR) Wykapany tatuś!
Marzena: Wykapany tatuś!
Eric: Use this expression if you think the baby is similar to the father.
Eric: Her supervisor, Bartek, uses an expression meaning - "My congratulations!"
Marzena: (SLOW) Moje gratulacje! (REGULAR) Moje gratulacje!
Marzena: Moje gratulacje!
Eric: Use this expression to offer your congratulations.
Eric: Maciek's high school friend, Ula, uses an expression meaning - "What a cutie!"
Marzena: (SLOW) Jaki słodziuch! (REGULAR) Jaki słodziuch!
Marzena: Jaki słodziuch!
Eric: Use this expression to show you are feeling warm-hearted.


Eric: Okay, that's all for this lesson. If a friend posted something about a smiling baby picture, which phrase would you use? Leave us a comment letting us know. And we'll see you next time!
Marzena: Cześć!

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If a friend posted something about a smiling baby picture which phrase would you use?