Lesson Transcript

Does having a study partner help you learn a language faster?
For most people, having a friend or romantic partner who is a native speaker of their target language dramatically improves their ability to master the language. In this video, we will talk about some ways to help you build relationships with people. We’ll also talk about 3 reasons having a native speaker partner can increase your language fluency.
First, knowing a native speaker helps you better understand the culture. Knowing a native speaker gets you connected with the culture in ways that no lessons are textbooks ever could. Native speakers are better informed about the latest slang expressions and know interesting places to eat and hang out. Having a friend or partner who is a native speaker can dramatically improve your understanding of the language. In addition to language, you can learn about cultural practices, gestures, and relationships.
Second, having a native speaker partner increases your exposure to the language.
Practice makes perfect is a well-known expression that is certainly true for language learning. When you have a friend, romantic partner or study buddy, you speak to them through text messages, phone calls, and basic interaction. These are all opportunities for you to practice the language. Making an effort to practice will help your vocabulary quickly expand beyond simple readings, flirtatious words, and basic comments, to deeper and more meaningful conversation.
Third, a supportive partner is the best study aid you can find.
We all make mistakes, especially when trying to learn a new language. But if you have a supportive partner, they can gently point out your mistakes and help you find better ways to express yourself. And, if your native speaker study partner is also your romantic partner, your motivation will likely be even higher than someone who does not have a romantic relationship with a native speaker.
Now, let's look at 3 ways our language learning program helps you learn even faster if you have a native speaker partner.
First, all resources and materials are available in English and in your target language.
Studying with a partner is special because it's an opportunity for both of you to learn a new language, that's why every single lesson, transcript, vocabulary list, and resource on our website is available in English and your target language. You can learn from each other.
Second, lessons are designed to help you understand and engage with culture. On our website, our focus is to help our students learn practical vocabulary and phrases that are actually used in everyday conversation. This means that from your very first lesson, you can start applying what you learn immediately. So if you want to go out to a restaurant, play games, or attend a social function with your partner, you still have the vocabulary and phrases necessary to have a great time.
Third, access to special resources dedicated to romantic phrases.
If your study partner is your romantic partner, we have resources to help you communicate your feelings correctly. Our language learning program has special sections and tools to teach you love words, phrases, and cultural insights. Of course, please remember that simply being in a relationship is no substitute for studying; communication is key to every relationship, whether romantic or not. If you failed to continue expanding your vocabulary and you stopped learning the language on your own, your relationship may suffer or fizzle out.
Without question, spending time with native speakers can dramatically improve your language proficiency, but it is no replacement for focus studying, it's essential to help facilitate better communication and master the language. So if you're ready to finally learn a new language the fast, fun, and easy way, sign up for your Free Lifetime Account by clicking on the link in the description; signing up takes less than 30 seconds and you'll start speaking from your very first lesson. If you enjoy these tips, click the Like button, share the video with anyone who is trying to learn a new language, and subscribe to our channel, we release new videos every week. I'll see you next time. Bye!