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Lesson Transcript

Cześć! Jestem Joanna. Hi! I’m Joanna.
Welcome to PolishPod101.com’s “Polski w 3 minuty”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Polish.
In the last lesson, we learned how to ask "What" questions in Polish.
This time, we are going to ask questions using the word "Where?"
Imagine you want to ask where your friend is now. You will ask him Gdzie jesteś? This is the exact translation of "Where are you?"
[slowly] Gdzie jesteś?
Let’s break down this question.
First we had...
gdzie, which is the basic translation of "Where" in Polish. Then jesteś, which is "are", the second person form of the verb być, which we have already learned.
It’s very simple, isn’t?
So in Polish, "Where" is translated as Gdzie.
So for example, if you want to ask "Where do you live?" You will say Gdzie mieszkasz?
Like in English, the question word is placed in the 1st position, and then comes the verb conjugated according to the subject of the question.
Other examples of questions with the word gdzie are-
Gdzie studiujesz? “Where do you study?”
[slowly] Gdzie studiujesz?
Gdzie pracujesz? “Where do you work?”
[slowly] Gdzie pracujesz?
Gdzie jedziesz na wakacje? “Where are you going for summer holidays?”
[slowly] Gdzie jedziesz na wakacje?
If you want to ask someone “Where are you from?”, you must be very careful because in this case we don’t use the word gdzie.
We will use the word skąd, which literally means “from where”. So “Where are you from” will be:
Skąd jesteś?
[slowly] Skąd jesteś?
Now it’s time for Joanna’s Insights.
Asking “where” questions in Polish is very easy. Just start with the question word gdzie and add a verb - “live”, “go”, “work” and so on.
Of course if you want to change this informal question into a formal one, add Pan if you’re talking to a man, or Pani if you’re talking to a woman, like we have practiced many times in previous lessons.
In this lesson, we learned how to correctly use the Polish question word gdzie.
Now you can avoid getting lost because from now on you can ask “Where am I?” Gdzie jestem?
In the next lesson we’ll learn more about asking questions, this time using "When", in Polish.
I’ll be waiting for you in the next Polski w 3 minuty.
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