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Lesson Transcript

Cześć! Jestem Joanna. Hi! I’m Joanna.
Welcome to PolishPod101.com’s “Polski w 3 minuty”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Polish.
In the last lesson, we learned how to use the verbs iść and jechać which mean "to go" in Polish.
In this lesson, we will continue our lesson series dedicated to very common Polish verbs.
The second verb in our series is robić, which means "to do" or “to make”. It’s not used as much as in English, but still you will hear it quite often.
So imagine a friend asks you Co robisz ?
That means "What are you doing?”
And if you’re out shopping you would say:
Robię zakupy.
[slowly] Robię zakupy.
So let’s break down this answer:
First we had:
Robię which stands for "I ‘m doing."
It’s the 1st person form of the verb robić.
Then we had zakupy, which simply means “shopping”.
If you happen to be doing the laundry, you will say:
Robię pranie.
[slowly] Robię pranie.
Robię ćwiczenia.
[slowly] Robię ćwiczenia.
This sentence literally means “I’m doing exercises”.
As I said at the beginning of this lesson, we don’t use the verb robić as much as we do in English. There are just some specific words that require using this verb, like shopping, exercises or laundry.
The most common situation when we use the verb robić is when we talk about preparing food.
In Poland we usually prepare meals ourselves so you can hear a question Co robisz dzisiaj na obiad? very often.
[slowly] Co robisz dzisiaj na obiad?
“What are making for dinner today?”
Answering such question is very easy.
Robię pierogi.
[slowly] Robię pierogi.
“I’m making dumplings”
Robię mielone.
[slowly] Robię mielone.
“I’m making meatballs”
We can also use this structure with words like breakfast, dinner, supper, dessert.
For example:
“I’m making supper.” will be Robię kolację.
Now it’s time for Joanna’s Insights.
In Poland it’s very popular to make home parties. We organise them for some special occasions like birthday or Christmas, but also without any occasion. So if you want to tell your friends that you will have a birthday party at your place you will say:
Robię urodziny w domu.
urodziny stands for “birthday” and w domu for “at home”.
In this lesson, we learned how to use the verb robić in many different contexts and I’m sure it will help you a lot!
Next time we’ll learn another very useful verb. Which one? Check our next Polski w 3 minuty lesson to find out! Do zobaczenia!