Lesson Transcript

Welcome to Can Do Polish by PolishPod101.com.
Cześć wszystkim. Jestem Emil Nowak.
"Hi everyone! I’m Emil Nowak."
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to tell someone where you’re from in Polish.
This is Mark Lee and he’s on a plane to Poland.
Maciej Mazur a passenger sitting next to him, asks,
"Where are you from?"
Skąd pan jest?
Listen to the conversation, and focus on Mark’s response.
Note: the speakers in this conversation use formal Polish.
Skąd pan jest?
Jestem z Nowego Jorku.
Once more with the English translation.
Skąd pan jest?
“Where are you from?”
Jestem z Nowego Jorku.
“I'm from New York.“