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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody and welcome to Top Polish words. My name is Marzena and today, we’ll learn 10 Foods That Will Kill You faster.
Okay. Let’s start.
1. Boczek “Bacon”
Boczek, it means “Bacon” and I guess it’s a basic ingredient for lots of people who breakfast. Yet maybe some people say it’s not so healthy. I personally don’t eat it but I believe it’s not so bad for your health. So, if you are one of those people that really likes Bacon and eggs for your breakfast, you can say,
Na śniadania jem jajka z boczkiem. “For breakfast, I eat eggs and Bacon.”
So Bacon, it’s still very popular in Poland for breakfast but I guess maybe even more. At least in my house, it was more popular for dinner which we call supper in Polish and I guess you know, a lot of people like it. So well, maybe it kills you but what can you do and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So enjoy your Bacon.
2. napoje energetyczne “Energy drinks”
Okay. This one, I must admit that I drank a lot of this when I was a University student and it’s napoje energetyczne. Which means “energy drinks.” So I didn’t discover “energy drinks” till I was like a second-year university student. And I discovered that all my friends are super awake because they are drinking all those, you know, “energy drinks” and I was the only one that didn’t know about it. So well, once I discovered the secret, I started drinking a lot and I guess that’s one of my big points. And you can get a lot of different energy drinks in Poland.
Some are like Polish brands, you can get like one-litre bottles or like one-and-a-half and we used to drink it before session like before exams. We used to drink it like before exams, me and my two friends, we got it at my house and we were studying and we had an exam every day. So we used to drink like the whole bottle, a person and me and my friend, we are actually good but my other friend, she got like you know, her heart started beating fast. So be careful. Don’t overdo it. But yeah, but we used to sleep like one hour a day. So we really needed that. If you live very healthy and you don’t want to drink that, then you can say,
Nie pijam napoi energetycznych. Which basically translates to, “I don’t drink energy drinks.” And good for you.
3. przetworzone mięso. “Processed meat”
Przetworzone mięso means “processed meat.”
Tworzyć means "to make," "to create" and this prze-, this prefix prze- means, like, to repeat something, to do it like many times. It can mean different stuff but yeah, but I would translate it literally like, “Go through that again” or “Go through that.” So go through that the whole process of creation in the meat. Meat that goes through the whole process of creation. So przetworzone. Przetworzone, so go through the process. I guess that’s the best explanation.
Przetworzonego mięsa. “processed meat”
We’ve got a lot of meat in Poland and obviously, among that meat, we’ve got processed meat as well.
So you can actually say that,
W sklepach jest dużo przetworzonego mięsa. So you can say, “There is a lot of processed meat in shops.” Among all the other very good meat. So please be sure to try Polish meat, the one that’s actually good and good for your health.
4. Mrożone posiłki “Frozen meals”
Since Polish people really like home cooking and you know, everything that your mom or your grandma or your father or grandpa makes, since we really like it, we don’t really buy a lot of these but our next word is,
Mrożone posiłki which basically means, “frozen meals.”
So, if you are on the other hand one of those people that actually buys a lot of these, you can say,
Zazwyczaj kupuję mrożone posiłki. “I usually buy frozen meals.”
Zazwyczaj kupuję mrożone posiłki.
5. Czipsy “Potato chips.”
Chips which basically means “potato chips”. You can spell it with H like kind of taken like – like taking this you know English spelling into Polish and then just adding the word ending and it’s Czipsy, or you can translate it or transcribe it into Polish spelling with C and Z but actually it’s up to you but I think that the English spelling is more common still. So chips and if you are like me and you don’t really like potato chips, I must admit, I really don’t eat potato chips at all. You can say,
Nie przepadam za czipsami.
And if somebody offers you potato chips, saying Nie przepadam za czipsami is actually very nice way of saying, no, thank you.
So basically what it translates to is, “I am not a big fan of potato chips.”
Nie przepadam za czipsami. No thank you. No, no, no, no Nie przepadam za czipsami.
6. Margaryna “Margarine”
This is something I am not a big fan of as well and it’s margaryna. Margaryna means “Margarine” and a lot of people kind of think that it’s better than butter whereas myself, I think like butter, I am a butter person. I don’t like “Margarine.” If you do and if you use it instead of butter, you can say,
Używam margaryny zamiast masła. “I use Margarine instead of butter.”
Używam margaryny zamiast masła.
7. Smietana “cream”
Well, I cannot say it’s unhealthy because it is like a base of lot of very, very good Polish dishes. So please don’t think it’s unhealthy. Please don’t think it’s going to kill you, it won’t! and it’s śmietana. Smietana means “cream” and you use it to a lot of Polish dishes. I personally love this one called mizeria, where you put like cucumbers and then you add śmietana which is “cream.” So you put cucumbers, you add cream, you add salt, pepper, maybe a little bit of lemon on the top of it. Oh my gosh, it’s wonderful. It’s the best salad ever and yeah, we call it a salad which you can have with your dinner or your lunch. Please try it out. And if you are not sure if somebody like if you are not sure if your friend likes śmietana or not, you can say or you can ask him or her,
Lubisz śmietanę? “Do you like cream?”
8. Makaron instant. “Instant noodles”
Another thing that is supposed to be bad for your health and I guess it is. It’s Makaron instant. And we’ve got a lot of food that is instant. Makaron which is noodles is one of those. Makaron instant means just “instant noodles” and of course, it maybe not good for you. That doesn’t mean that you don’t want to eat it. So, when your friend is going shopping and you want like one of those you know cup noodles, you are just hungry and you don’t want to cook. You can ask him or her,
Kup proszę makaron instand. “Please buy instant noodles.”
9. Cukierek “Candy”
Cukierek, basically, when you look at this word, you can see this familiar part when you know how to say sugar in Polish, it’s cukier, and then you see this cukierek, it’s like oh, this lovely little piece of sugar which is supposed to be very better for your health and I guess it is. I am personally not a big fan of that but cukierek means a candy, “candy” And a lot of Poles, we like mint candies. So you can say,
Lubię cukierki miętowe. “I like mints.”
A lot of people in Poland do, especially older people but not only, you know, it’s actually probably the most popular type of candies in Poland.
10. Napój gazowany “soda”
Next one is something I wouldn’t touch myself. I was a big fan of those but I am not anymore. I quit that maybe 10 years ago and that’s napój gazowany which means all types of soda.
So napój gazowany is basically anything carbonated and you can for example say,
Nie powinno się pić napoi gazowanych. “You should not drink sodas.”
You remember.
Nie powinno się pić napoi gazowanych. “You should not drink sodas.”
That’s it for today. Thank you for listening. Today, we learned 10 Foods That Will Kill You Faster.” Which one of these do you secretly like?
Thank you again. See you next time, cześć. Do zobaczenia!

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