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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody and welcome to Top Polish Words. My name is Marzena and today, we will learn 10 Phrases You Never Want to Hear.
So let’s start.
1. Coś ostatnio przytyłaś? “Have you gained weight recently?”
And it’s definitely something I don’t want to hear and I guess any girl in Poland. It’s still not so cruel. You can say it in a more cruel way. This is still okay and I guess, you can say it to your friend but I would be very, very cautious when using that because some people can get offended.
2. Masz siwy włos. “You have a gray hair.”
I wouldn’t use it to anybody I don’t know. I guess people can get offended by that. So only, like, use it with your closest friends. Maybe with family but yeah, but be careful. Be sure to be careful when you use it because you know it’s not something nice you want to hear.
3. A nie mówiłam! “I told you so!”
Something I guess a lot of girls will say in Poland. A nie mówiłam!
Actually, if you’re a guy, you would say, A nie mówiłem! Everybody likes to know to be right. And I guess this is something you can hear pretty often.
4. Jesteś zwolniony! “You are fired”
Jesteś zwolniony! I guess you know, people are very direct in Poland. So this is basically something you will hear like as opposed to some other countries, maybe not America but like some other countries when they were sugar-coated. I guess in Poland, they would be very direct like Jesteś zwolniony! “You are fired” Bye bye, see you again never.
5. To nie ty, to ja. “It’s not you, it’s me.”
I guess that’s one of those breakup phrases you can use and well, it’s something that maybe you know can make this breakup thing easier but not really now. It’s something that will actually help the other person. So be careful when you use it.
6. Dziękujemy za pański życiorys. Niestety już kogoś przyjęliśmy na to stanowisko. “Thank you for your resume. However, the position has been filled.”
Well, actually, when you apply to a lot of different companies, sometimes you may get something like that as a standard email thing. Sometimes, you may get actually nothing and that’s very common. You know people don’t really reply. If they don’t hire you, they don’t say anything and you may actually experience that it’s not too funny. It’s actually worse than getting an email like that. But sadly, that’s true about a lot of companies.
7. Powinniśmy zacząć spotykać się z innymi ludźmi. “We should see other people.”
Well, that’s tough. I guess, it’s another one of those breakup phrases that you don’t really want to hear and I haven’t heard so often in Poland to be honest. I guess you know when you breakup, you just breakup. You don’t start meeting like other people and maybe eventually get back together.
8. Nie mam dzisiaj pieniędzy dla ciebie. “I don’t have your money today.”
Well yeah, lending money to your friends and your family, it’s actually a common practice in Poland. At some other countries, you may feel you know like you shouldn’t ask for it. Not in Poland, not really. It’s like it’s very easy to ask your friend to lend you money but then, you should actually give it back. So this is something you wouldn’t like to hear like, no, sorry, today I don’t have your money. Maybe wait a week or two or a year, another.
9. Musimy porozmawiać. “We need to talk.”
Huh Musimy porozmawiać. “We need to talk.”
And that is getting very serious and this is something you can hear from your partner, at home, at work, at school and this is never good. So just prepare mentally, go to this talk and then get through it because what else can you do.
10. Przepraszam, zapomniałem. “Sorry, I forgot!”
Well, if you forgot about date, then, you are in a big trouble. If you forgot about something from work, they maybe you know may go easy on you. So you know, in Poland, people like understand that you can make a mistake. It’s not so big. And I guess that wouldn’t be a big issue.
So thank you for watching. This was Top Words in Polish. 10 Phrases You Never Want to Hear.
Thank you again and see you next time.