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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. Welcome to Top Polish words. My name is Marzena and today, we will learn 10 Phrases You Always Want to Hear in Polish.
1. Świetnie dzisiaj wyglądasz. “You look great today.”
So the first one is, Świetnie dzisiaj wyglądasz. “You look great today.”
So that’s a good one. You can say it to your friends. You can say it to somebody from your family.
You wouldn’t say it to a person you don’t know like you know random person in the street which you do in some other countries but everybody will feel better with this one,
Świetnie dzisiaj wyglądasz. “You look great today.”
2. Tęsknię za tobą. “I miss you.”
So this is something you would say to a person close to you, to somebody from your family. Well, somebody you know you don’t have to address as a sir or ma’am.
You can write it to the person you love, for example, or to your mom, to your dad.
3. Wykonałeś świetną robotę! “You did a great job!”
This is a phrase I guess that you will hear at a company. Maybe your boss will tell you that or your supervisor or maybe your teacher even but somebody you know, who is above you and he will prize you for whatever you’ve done.
4. Dostaniesz premię na koniec miesiąca. “There’ll be a bonus at the end of the month.”
Well, I guess bonus is important right now or are quite common. It wasn’t like this 20 years ago but right now in a lot of companies you know, they want to make people like, they want people to work better. They want people to try. So there is a system of bonuses in most of the companies in Poland right now. So you may actually hear this one if you work well.
5. Dobrze gotujesz. “You’re an excellent cook.”
Dobrze gotujesz means “You’re an excellent cook.” And this is very important in Poland especially. We do love food and we do love you know our homemade food. So whenever you want to marry in the Polish family, be sure to be a good cook and we do cook a lot. We do cook a lot. In Poland, we don’t really go out eating out. So phrase like you know, Dobrze gotujesz, it’s a compliment and a very, very good one.
6. Odpocznij sobie. Dzisiaj ja posprzątam. “Take a break. I’ll do the cleaning today.”
That’s something I would love to hear. We do you know like, there’s this house schedule to Polish week and because a lot of people still go to church on Sunday and they don’t work on Sunday. We usually do our cleaning on Saturday. It’s like I guess in a lot of other families both for the wife and the husband, they both you know, engage in the cleaning process and they both try to you know like clean the house and then on Sunday, they both usually rest and start work from Monday to Friday.
7. Wygrałeś! “And you win!”
We’ve got this very popular lottery in Poland. It’s called Totolotek and you can buy it almost everywhere. There’s the small kiosks where they sell it. And I guess a lot of people try their luck and I guess you know, I would be super happy if I won, like, one million złoty, which I never did. I guess at most I won was 200 złoty, which is like still $50, $60 maybe, pretty good.
8. Miałeś rację! “You were right!”
It’s difficult to say that somebody else was right. I guess, you know like girls in Poland would admit it, like, you know, “you were right” but guys are so proud you know and I don’t think they will do that. I don’t think guys say that a lot.
9. Przyniosłem ci coś specjalnego. “I brought you something special.”
And this something special can be a piece of cake, wonderful Polish Sernik Cheesecake or, like, a flower or two.
10. Budżet jest ograniczony. “The budget is unlimited.”
Okay. So the next one is, Budżet jest ograniczony. Which basically means, “the budget is unlimited.”
I don’t think you will ever hear it in a Polish company but if so, that’s definitely something that will make you happy.
And that’s all for today. Once again, it is Marzena and today, we learned 10 Things You Want to Hear in Polish.
That’s all for today and see you next time. Thank you.


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Cześć Lorraine,

Tak, masz rację. Zdanie „Budżet jest nieograniczony” jest poprawnie napisane w wideo, ale w części Vocabulary, jest błąd. Przepraszamy za kłopot!

P.S. Twoje zdanie jest poprawne 👍



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Ograniczona w języku angielskim oznacza ograniczony a nie nieograniczona. Czy man rację? Polishpod101.com to świetny sposób na naukę języka polskiego. Dziękuję. Czy to zdanie jest poprawne?

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Witaj Anirudh,


Twoje zdanie jest poprawne.

Mam nadzieję, że będziesz codziennie uczyć się polskiego na Polishpod101.com! ?

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Witam Pani Hanno ,

Tak , sprobuję mówić biegle po polsku codzienne na Polishpod101.com (Czy to zdanie jest poprawne ?)?

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Ucz się polskiego na PolishPod101.com, a niedługo ktoś powie Ci, że mówisz biegle po polsku jak Polak.?



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Witaj ,

The phrase I would love to hear is " Ty mówisz biegle po polsku jak Polacy. Doskonale " !!??