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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody. My name is Marzena and welcome to Polish Top words. Today, we will learn 10 Questions You Should Know in Polish. So let’s start!
1. Jak się nazywasz? “what’s your name?”
So if you meet somebody and you ask this person Jak się nazywasz? You may hear an answer like,
Nazywam się Ania. “My name is Ania.” Ania is actually pretty common name in Poland.
Or Nazywam się Marzena. “My name is Marzena.”
2. Jak się masz? “how are you?”
Jak się masz? means “how are you?”
And you may hear an answer like, Dobrze which means “good” but actually probably more often, you will hear a very, very long answer and it won’t be good because in Poland, it is not so common to ask you know Jak się masz?
You do ask that but you ask that only you know people you are very close friends with and you kind of need to expect longer answer and that people will actually tell you the truth about their life and what wrong happened in it and it’s usually wrong because Polish people love complaining. So be careful of this one.
If you don’t have time for a longer talk, just don’t ask it.
3. Skąd jesteś? “Where are you from?”
So you might hear this question if somebody notices that you are not from Poland.
And for example, if you are from America, you can answer Z Ameryki “From America.”
So basically you just put Z and then the country.
4. Kiedy masz urodziny? “When is your birthday?”
And if you make new friends, you may hear a question like,
Kiedy masz urodziny? Which means, “when is your birthday?”
And a good answer for that would be just giving you know the month and you don’t have to answer in a whole sentence. So you can say for example, 8 lutego.
8 lutego, which is “February 8,” it is actually my birthday.
5. Gdzie mieszkasz? “Where do you live?”
Another question you may hear is Gdzie mieszkasz? Gdzie mieszkasz? Means “where do you live?”
And when you can answer like in details telling the street, saying the street and everything else or you can just you know say,
Mieszkam w Krakowie. Which means, “I live in Krakow.”
6. Gdzie pracujesz? “Where do you work?”
Another one, another question you may hear in Poland is,
Gdzie pracujesz? “Where do you work?”
And it can be about a place or it can be about the company.
So for example, if you don’t want to say the company or you are like you know reluctant, you just want to say,
okay, “I work in Krakow.” You say, Pracuję w Krakowie.
If you want to say the company, on the other hand, you can just say Pracuję w and change Krakowie, Krakow to the name of the company.
7. Jaki jest twój numer telefonu? “What’s your phone number?”
If somebody likes you really much, then, they may ask about your phone number saying,
Jaki jest twój numer telefonu? “What is your phone number?”
So you can answer that saying,
Mój numer to 693408896. Which means, “my number is 693408896.
Just notice that in Polish, we usually break it into like groups of three and we say not 693, we say sześćset dziewięćdziesiąt trzy, which is "six hundred and ninety-three."
8. Gdzie się nauczyłeś polskiego? “Where did you learn Polish?”
Now because studying Polish, it’s not so common and you don’t actually learn it at school in a lot of countries, you may hear a question,
Gdzie się nauczyłeś polskiego? “Where did you learn Polish?”
Well, you can answer for example,
W szkole językowej. Which means, “in language school.”
9. Czy lubisz polskie jedzenie? “Do you like Polish food?”
Another question you may hear as a foreigner is of course,
“Do you like Polish food?” Which in Polish is, Czy lubisz polskie jedzenie?
You know, you can answer whatever you want like if you like it. If you don’t like it, then don’t feel you know like embarrassed and just say it straight because people will just feed you of Polish food that you don’t like but if you like it, you can say,
Uwielbiam which means, “I love it.”
10. Kiedy przyjechałeś do Polski? “When did you come to Poland?”
Now, once you come to Poland and you start living there, you will probably hear this one a lot.
Kiedy przyjechałeś do Polski? “When did you come to Poland?”
So if it’s like, for you, three years, you can say,
Przyjechałem trzy lata temu. “I came to Poland three years ago.”
And that’s all for today. We learned 10 Questions You Should Know in Polish. Thank you for listening and see you next time.