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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everyone and welcome to Polish Top Words. So my name is Marzena and today, we will learn 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Polish. So, are you ready? Let’s go.
1. Drożdżówka “yeast cake”
So if you’ve ever been in Poland, you probably saw this deliciously-looking cakes are like buns and that’s actually what drożdżówka is. We have it with marmalade, we have it with poppy seeds. We have it with cheese, anything you can imagine basically and they are delicious. So everybody remembers it from like when they were children and eating it almost every day and not getting fatter.
So for example, if you like this one with poppy seeds, you can say,
Uwielbiam drożdżówki z makiem. Which means, “I love the yeast bun with poppy seeds.”
2. Dziękuję. “Thank you”
Dziękuję is just “thank you.”
You know, this is quite difficult to pronounce Dziękuję. So you want to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me, you can say,
Dziękuję, za wszystko co dla mnie zrobileś. “Thank you for everything you have done for me.”
3. Książka “Book”
Książka, it’s a book. So if you see a book and you are not sure what it is and want to ask, like, what kind of book is that, what is this book, you just you know look at it, you point at it and you say,
Co to za książka? “What is this book?”
4. Chrząszcz “Beetle”
I guess this is like for me as a native speaker, it is probably one of the hardest words to pronounce if not the hardest one and Chrząszcz, Chrząszcz means “beetle” and for example, you can say,
Widziałeś tego chrząszcza? “Have you seen this beetle?”
5. Cześć. “Hello”
Cześć means “hello” and you can use it as “hello?” And you can use it as bye bye. You just use it to your friends or among your friends among like people of the same age. You don’t really use it to elders or people you don’t really know.
For example, when you come into a room and you see your friends sitting and then doing something and you want to ask them, “hi, what are you doing?” “what are you up to?” You can say, Cześć, co robisz?
6. Oczywiście. “of course.”
Oczywiście means “of course” and let’s say your friend asks you to do something for him or her and you want to say, “of course, I will help you.” You are a good friend. You can say, Oczywiście, że ci pomogę.
7. Przepiękny “very beautiful.”
It comes from piękny. Piękny means just "beautiful," but if you want to say, like, “very beautiful” like really beautiful, you say, przepiękny
So, for example, you saw this wonderful sunset and you want to say, it was very beautiful, you can say,
Zachód słońca był dzisiaj przepiękny. “The sunset was very beautiful today.”
8. Przerażający “terrifying”
And like you know horror movies are. If that actual horror was very terrifying, you can say,
Ten horror jest przerażający. “This horror movie is terrifying.” Let’s watch something different.
9. Przeszczęśliwy “overly happy”
Przeszczęśliwy means “overly happy,” like very happy, like super happy, like you are just really, really, really happy. You can say,
Jestem przeszczęśliwa. That’s if you’re a girl.
Or if you are a guy, you can say,
Jestem przeszczęśliwy, which means, “I am overly happy.” “I am really happy.”
10. Krzyżowka “crossword”
Well, let’s say, you love doing “crosswords” and your friend is asking you, oh, do you want to do this one with me and you are like, no, sorry, thank you. I’ve already done it. You can say,
Rozwiązałem już tę krzyżówkę. I have already solved this crossword.”
Thank you for watching 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Polish. So, that’s all for today. Thank you and see you next time.

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