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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everybody! Welcome to Polish Top Words. My name is Marzena and today, we’ll learn top 10 marriage proposal lines. So, here we go!
1. Wyjdziesz za mnie? “Will you marry me?”
I guess, well, it’s the simplest one, the shortest one and the most effective one as well. You may already know the word wyjść, which means “to go out”, so it’s kind of like using the word, “to go out”, but then putting this weird preposition which usually doesn’t come with the word, “to go out”, which is za and then, “myself” mnie - Wyjdziesz za mnie? which basically means “Will you marry me?” But if you ever forget how to say it, just think, go out, go out, go out, okay, wyjść, wyjdziesz, okay. Wyjdziesz za mnie? The funny part is that, I mean the funny part, the very, very useful part is that you can use the same phrase for both guys and girls and both guys and girls can use it, so it’s very, very convenient.
2. Czy zrobisz mi ten zaszczyt i zostaniesz moją żoną? “Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”
And, obviously, because it’s my wife, well, you can say it only to a girl. And yet, czy zrobisz mi ten zaszczyt, sounds very traditional, like really do me an honor or really do me the honor. It’s like in English, it sounds very pathetic, very traditional, very, very old fashioned, I guess. So yeah, for me, I don’t think I would like my boyfriend to say that. It might be a little bit weird, but I guess, it really depends on the person and you probably know your lady best, so, you can decide for the longer one, for this one, you’ll know she will like it.
3. Czy sprawisz, że zostanę najszczęśliwszym mężczyzną na ziemi? “Will you make me the happiest man alive?”
Yeah, I don’t know, like, maybe I’m not so old fashioned. It’s not something I would like to hear, but I’m never dreaming of this white dress and marriage and stuff like that, while my friends were and they already married and they already have kids and they already have their own households and I’m… I”m not married and I don’t have any kids and I don’t have my own house and I don’t even… I’m not really looking for that to be honest. So yes, so I guess if you are more like old-fashioned, traditional-household style, then you will go for the longer one. If you are like me, you will just go for the shortened one and then, maybe think of very nice way to say a very nice phrase, to say it and so on.
So, our next phrase is…
4. Czekałem na ciebie całe życie. “I've been waiting for you my whole life.”
And since czekałem is in masculine form, then yeah, a guy can use it to a girl or a guy, if you prefer. But yeah, that’s masculine form. If you are a girl and you really want to use this one, you will say, czekałam - Czekałam na ciebie całe życie. “I've been waiting for you my whole life.”, czekałem - czekałam, just a small, small, tiny, little difference. And yet again, that’s something I wouldn’t like to hear maybe. I don’t know, maybe, I’m not romantic enough for this stuff or maybe I would like to actually hear that, I’m not sure, undecided.
Okay, let’s go to the next one…
5. Chcę być z tobą na zawsze. “I want to be with you forever.”
Gosh! Yeah. It’s another one, that, for me, it sounds a little bit cheesy, but then again, when I see like, when I hear like, “I want to be with you forever.”, this sounds pretty cool actually, but, then, the Polish translation which is okay, which is something people will use, chcę być z tobą na zawsze, I don’t know, it doesn’t sound, I mean, it doesn’t sound so cool as in English. I have no idea why. It’s just it, but yeah, I mean, it really depends on the person, right?
6. Spędźmy ze sobą resztę życia. “Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.”
Wow! We are getting more and more romantic, and this one you can use it for a guy and you can use it for a girl and you can use it if you are a guy or if you a girl, so it’s very, very convenient, because you don’t have to change any form - Spędźmy ze sobą resztę życia. It’s all about us. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy’s girl, guy and girl and which way around. You can use it for any kind of relationship and that’s very convenient. It’s very romantic. I wonder if I will ever hear that, and how I will react to it. No idea.
7. Mając ciebie przy boku czuję się spełniony. “Having you by my side is what completes me.”
And, that is something that a guy can say because spełniony is an adjective in a masculine form. You can change it very easily and say - Mając ciebie przy boku czuję się spełniona. Woah and that’s another one. Oh, I don’t know if I will ever hear this. It’s very romantic, but my boyfriend is not that romantic, probably, never ever, but yeah, I guess, it would be nice to hear something like that once in a while or once in a lifetime or anytime.
8. Nie mogę sobie wyobrazić życia bez ciebie. “I can't imagine my life without you in it.”
And, this is another convenient one because, again, you don’t have to change anything. You can use it to anyone and you can use it as a girl, you can use it as a guy, so that’s very good. It’s not happening very often in Polish, so please use it. And, oh my gosh, like, I guess, you will say it to somebody you really love and, maybe not somebody whom you just started dating because this person will just get a little bit scared, I guess. Maybe, I’m not so romantic, I don’t know.
9. Chciałbym dać ci wszystko, ale mam nadzieję, że ten pierścionek wystarczy. “I wish I could give you everything, but I hope that this ring is enough.”
And now, you hit the level of being romantic like, this is like pretty much, superman of being romantic and romantic phrases and if you really like that, that’s something you can use. And here, we’ve got chciałbym so that’s masculine form, so if you are a girl and you still want to use it, this is chciałabym, you just change it a little bit, chciałbym - chciałabym, and that’s all, and you’re ready to go.
10. Jestem pewien, że ja i ty jesteśmy sobie przeznaczeni. “I now know that you and I are truly meant to be together.”
Hoho, hah, I know, some guys would actually use it as a pickup line and I don’t think it’s a good idea. It sounds a little bit creepy if you do it at your first date or, I don’t know, even before that. But, as a proposal line on the other hand, yeah, I guess it can go very well. I would feel a little bit weird to be honest, but then again, as I already said on multiple occasions in this episode, I may not be the biggest, I mean, romantic ever. Even though, yeah, I would like my boyfriend to be a little bit more romantic, I guess, but, me, myself, I’m not that big of a romantic.
So, thank you for watching. Today, you learned top 10 marriage proposal lines. And please let us know in the comment which of those lines is the best for you, which one you like the best. Thank you again and see you next time!

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