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Lesson Transcript

Hi, welcome to Top Polish words. My name is Marzena and today, we will learn 20 Words You’ll Need for the Beach.
So let’s start.
1. Okulary słoneczne “Sunglasses”
So for example, if the sun is very, very strong and your friend is walking like this trying to see something, you can tell him, you know,
Załóż swoje okulary słoneczne. Which means, "Put on sunglasses."
Sun in Poland, well, I guess in summer, it can get very strong. So it’s better to get your Okulary słoneczne or “Sunglasses” ready for Polish summer.
2. Plaża "beach"
Plaża means “beach.”
For example, you can say,
Dzisiaj idziemy na plażę. "Today we are going to the beach."
Beaches in Poland are really beautiful. If you go to the northern part, there’s this Baltic Sea and there is a lot of long, long, long beaches. Even though they are pretty long, there are actually a lot of tourists there in summer, especially in cities like Gdansk or Sopot which are very, very popular.
3. Pływanie "swimming"
Pływanie, it’s a noun and it means “swimming”
For example, you can say,
Bardzo lubię pływanie. "I really like swimming."
Be careful because there tend to be a lot of Jellyfish and they can be pretty dangerous. So always ask the locals if it’s safe or not to go to the sea. There are no sharks though. That’s safe.
4. Słońce "sun"
For example, you can say,
Dzisiaj jest bardzo mocne słońce. "Today the sun is very strong."
Indeed, sun in Poland tend to get very strong, very vicious. So be sure to put some kind of protection before you go out and if you get sunburn, there is this very good way to get rid of it. We got in Poland when we get sunburn, we just put kefir. Kefir which is like a type of yogurt kind of thing. You cannot buy it in a lot of other countries but in Poland, it’s very popular. It’s very cheap. It can cost like one zloty which is like $0.25 and you put it just on yourself, on your body. You lie down with it. It looks ridiculous but it actually works.
5. Palma "palm tree"
Palma “palm tree” because we’ve got a lot of palm trees in Poland, not so much. We actually have none, zero. You can say,
W Polsce nie rosną palmy. "There are no palm trees in Poland."
6. Muszla "seashell"
Muszla means a “seashell.”
So you can say,
Zbieraliśmy muszelki. "We are collecting seashells."
Especially early in the morning, you can collect some seashells and on the top of that, you can actually find some Umber as well. So Poland is very rich in Umber and if you go very early, you can actually get yourself a pretty decent souvenir.
7. Strój kąpielowy "swimsuit"
So for example, if you see your friend with this gorgeous swimsuit, you can ask her or him,
To jest twój nowy strój kąpielowy? "Is this your new swimsuit?"
8. Ocean "ocean"
Ocean basically means the ocean and I guess when you’re in Poland, you can say,
Chciałabym zobaczyć ocean. "I would like to see the ocean." Because there is no ocean in Poland.
9. Ratownik "lifeguard"
Ratownik means “lifeguard”
Whenever you go to the beach, it’s better to make sure you know if there’s a lifeguard or not. If there are none, you can say,
Nie było tam ratowników. "There were no lifeguards there."
10. Skuter wodny "jet ski"
Skuter wodny which is basically "jet ski"
If you want to ask your friend if he or she has ever tried it, you can say,
Jechałeś kiedyś na skuterze wodnym? If that’s a guy or
Jechałaś kiedyś na skuterze wodnym? If that’s a girl. Which basically means,
"Have you ever driven a jet ski?"
That’s pretty much an activity you can enjoy in Polish sea.
11. Ręcznik plażowy "beach towel"
It’s something you cannot forget, Ręcznik plażowy
Ręcznik plażowy basically means “beach towel"
So if you want to make sure that you actually have it, you can ask your friend,
Wziąłeś ręcznik plażowy? "Have you taken the beach towel?"
12. Leżak "beach chair"
It actually comes from a verb leżeć means “to lay down” So Leżak is a thing to lie down on, which is a beach chair.
Wypożyczymy leżaki. "We will rent the beach chairs."
13. Zamek z piasku "sand castle"
Zamek z piasku means the "sand castle"
So you can say,
Zbudujmy zamek z piasku! "Let's make a sand castle!"
This was one of my favorite activities when I was little.
14. Chłodziarka "cooler"
Chłodziarka. Chłodziarka is a type of cooler. So something that will help you, you know keep your water cold for hot summer.
Włóż napoje do chłodziarki. "Put the drinks in the cooler."
15. Przypływ "tide"
Przypływ which means "tide"
And for example, if the tide is already over, you can say,
Już po przypływie. Which basically means, "It's already after the tide."
Przypływ actually it’s like made from two words. So przy and pływ. Pływ is from pływanie like swimming and przy, it means like getting closer. So basically it means like swimming closer like the water is coming closer. That’s why it’s przypływ.
16 Opalenizna "tan"
Opalenizna means "tan"
Masz fajną opaleniznę, "You've got wonderful tan." which is a good thing to have in Poland.
17. Snurkowanie "snorkeling"
But actually it’s a pretty new word. I myself, I didn’t know it. It’s not a huge activity you know you can do in Poland to be honest but if you go anywhere else with your Polish friends, you will probably find it very useful.
Nie lubię snurkowania. "I don't like snorkelling."
I actually myself love snorkelling.
18. Japonki "flip-flop"
Japonki. So it’s flip-flops but also, it means “Japanese girls”
It’s probably because you know, flip-flops like that are very common in Japan, I guess, or I guess that’s just our image of it.
Kupiłaś już japonki na lato? "Have you already bought flip-flops for summer?"
19. Krem do opalania "sunscreen"
If you want to make sure that your friend will take one, you can just you know say,
Weź ze sobą krem do opalania. "Take the sunscreen with you."
20. Bikini "bikini"
Bikini which basically is “bikini” I guess the accent is different in Polish, Bikini.
Oh and when you trained a lot before summer and you are in your bikini body, you can say,
Dzisiaj założę bikini. "Today, I will wear a bikini."
Thank you for listening and once again, my name is Marzena and today, we’ve done 20 Words You’ll Need for the Beach. Thanks again and see you next time. Dziękuję.

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