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Lesson Transcript

Hi, welcome to Polish Top words. Today, we will learn 10 Things to Do in Summer in Poland. My name is Marzena and well, let’s begin.
1. Pojechać nad jezioro "to go to a lake"
Pojechać nad jezioro means "to go to a lake"
So, for example, you can say,
Pojedziemy nad jezioro razem ze znajomymi. "We will go to the lake with our friends."
We’ve got many beautiful lakes in Poland. Especially in the northern part, there is this land called “Land of 1000 Lakes” where you’ve got many lakes and they are connected. So you can go kayaking from one lake to another and it can take like one or two weeks. That’s a very nice way to spend summer in Poland.
2. Relaksować się na plaży "to relax at the beach"
That’s something I like to do.
So you can say,
Dzisiaj będziemy się relaksować na plaży. "Today we will relax on the beach."
We’ve got very beautiful beaches in Poland and it’s pretty hot in summer. It can be like 28, 40 degrees. So, it’s actually pretty comfortable. The only funny thing is that well, there are so many tourists in summer in Polish beaches that it’s very, very difficult to find a spot. So be sure to arrive early in the morning.
3. Uczyć się polskiego z PolishPod101.com "to learn Polish with PolishPod101.com."
Uczyć się polskiego z PolishPod101.com which means, "to learn Polish with PolishPod101.com."
So, for example, you can say,
Uczę się polskiego z PolishPod101.com. Which means, "I learn Polish with PolishPod101.com."
It’s another funny thing you can do in summer, right?
4. Nauczyć się jak gotować polskie potrawy "to learn to cook Polish food"
If that’s your goal for this summer vacation, you can say,
W te wakacje nauczę sie jak gotować polskie potrawy. "This vacation, I will learn how to cook Polish food."
So, we’ve got many amazing dishes in Poland and some of them are not so difficult to do and I am pretty sure you can do it in your country as well. So be sure to attend one of those classes. Right now, they are offering a lot in Warsaw or in other big cities. If you are sightseeing, you can join one of those and learn some traditional Polish dishes like Pierogi, Polish dumplings or bigos which is the sauerkraut or gulasz which is Polish stew.
5. Zrobić grila "to have a barbeque"
Zrobić grila which basically means "to have a barbeque"
That’s a pretty common activity for summer in Poland. You can say when you are having like a barbeque party with your friends, you can say,
W sobotę robimy grila. Which means, "On Saturday, we are having a barbeque."
And in my house, we are having barbeque almost every week and in our garden, we invite our friends and family and it’s like a big Polish party.
6. Imprezować całą noc "to party all night"
That one you can experience in all big cities. You can easily go to a big club in Warsaw for example. You can change clubs. There is some deals with “all you can drink included” and the best part about it is that you can actually take the night bus back home if you decide to go home earlier than in the morning after getting one or two.
So for example, if you wake up and you are very tired and you want to call your friend and say, oh gosh, I partied the whole night, you can say,
Wczoraj imprezowałem całą noc. That’s if you are a guy.
And if you are a girl, you can say,
Wczoraj imprezowałam całą noc. Which basically means, “yesterday, I partied all night.”
7. Opalić się "to get a tan"
Opalić się means "to get a tan"
So you can for example when you see a friend and she came from her vacation and she’s wonderfully tanned, you can say or compliment her or him,
Ale się opaliłeś! If that is a guy.
And if it’s a girl, Ale się opaliłaś!
Which basically means, "Oh, you got yourself a tan!"
And that’s usually a good thing in Poland. If you are too white, people will look at you like you are a weird person like you are not going to get a tan when you could.
8. Iść na pieszą wycieczkę "to go hiking"
So the next one is, Iść na pieszą wycieczkę
Iść na pieszą wycieczkę basically means "to go hiking"
So for example, you can say,
Poszłabym na pieszą wycieczkę. Which means, "I would love to go hiking."
And its very good activity to do in southern part of Poland where you’ve got beautiful mountains, wonderful landscapes. So basically everything you need to enjoy yourself outside in summer. And it’s not too hot in the mountains. It should be like 25 degrees. So it’s actually pretty good for walk, for hiking or for pieszą wycieczkę.
9. Pracować na pół etatu "to work a part-time job"
Pracować na pół etatu means "to work a part-time job"
So you can ask for example, if you want to know if somebody is part time or full time, you can ask them,
Pracujesz na pełen czy na pół etatu? "Are you working full time or part-time?"
It’s not so common in Poland to work part time jobs when you are studying. I mean, you can do that obviously but the hours are not so flexible. So you have to arrange your schedule and it can be pretty tough. It’s not so easy to get like four hours only shift unless you are in a bigger city. Although people do that. People even work full time while studying. That’s possible and actually more common in the older years, in the later years at the university.
10. Dobrze spędzić czas z przyjaciółmi "to have fun with friends"
Dobrze spędzić czas z przyjaciółmi which means, "to have fun with friends"
You can for example say,
Dobrze spędzę czas z przyjaciółmi. Which means, "I will have fun with my friends."
Well, when I go out with my friends, I usually like to go to a coffee shop, get a decent coffee or I love to go you know just walk around the city, do some shopping, sometimes window shopping actually but that’s lots of fun, you know. Something you can do together are go to a cinema, see a nice movie. All those things you can do and then you know, sit down in a park or go to a riverside and then see the sunset. That’s something you can do even in Warsaw which is incredible.
Thank you so much for watching this video. Today, we did 10 Things to Do in Summer in Poland. And tell us about whatever you like to do in summer. Thank you so much and see you again.


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Which do you like to do the most in the summer?

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Cześć Karen,

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Do you like going to the waterpark?

You can say it in Polish: "Lubię chodzić do parku wodnego".

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Go to the waterpark

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This is great! I like to watch someone speaking Polish it seems to make it easier to understand and catch on a lot faster! The young lady speaks clearly and slowly enough for me to understand the words. Will watch this again!