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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to Polish Top word series. My name is Marzena and today, we will learn 15 Favorite Words (Chosen by Fans). So let’s start.
1. Chrząszcz “Beetle”
So the first word is... and I promise you this is the most difficult word you will ever learn in Polish as for the pronunciation is Chrząszcz. And we will just say it again. Chrząszcz which means “Beetle.”
Yeah. So we use it a lot for tongue twisters like for example, a very famous one is,
Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie. Which means, “Beetle sounds in the reeds in a town called Szczebrzeszyn.”
Which makes it even more difficult to say.
Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie.
Oh yeah, that was correct.
2. Córka “daughter”
Córka means “daughter” and if you want to say like your little little daughter, you can say córeczka, which is bit sweeter way of calling your daughter. If your daughter is studying Polish, you can say,
Moja córka uczy się polskiego which means, “My daughter is learning Polish.”
3. Cześć. “Hello”
Cześć which basically means “hello” and for example, if you meet your friend, you can say,
Cześć, jak się masz? “Hi, how are you?” Cześć, jak się masz?
Just be prepared to hear their very, very long answer for the part “how are you?”
4. Ile to kosztuje? “How much is this?”
So you go to a shop and you see an item and there’s no price tag which still can be pretty common and you want to ask how much is this, you just say, Ile to kosztuje? And a good answer for that would be for example, Trzydzieści pięć złotych i dwadzieścia groszy. Which means, “35 zloty and 20 grosz.”
5. Kochać “to love”
And that one is very good for Valentine’s Day. So Kochać means “to love” and for example, you know, you love your sweetheart but sometimes, you don’t really understand this person. So you can say like,
Kocham cię, ale czasem cię nie rozumiem. Which means,
“I love you, but sometimes I don’t understand you.”
6. Kolega “friend”
Kolega means a “friend.” Now, there is a very funny thing in Polish because we have another word. It’s przyjaciel. We translate przyjaciel as a friend as well. But przyjaciel is a better friend. Kolega, it can be used as colleague in English, so it doesn’t have to be very close friend and it’s always about guys.
For a girl, you would say, koleżanka.
So kolega for guys and koleżanka for girls.
If you want to introduce somebody and say that this person is your very, very good friend, you can say,
To jest mój najlepszy kolega. “This is my best friend.”
And if this friend happens to be a girl, you can say - To jest mój najlepsza koleżanka.
7. Niespodzianka. “Surprise”
Niespodzianka means a “surprise” and this noun is actually very, very funny because it comes from two different words. So nie, which is basically a negation means "no" and spodzianka, it’s from spodziewać się, which means, “to expect something.” So it’s like not expecting something or something that is not expected which basically gives you a surprise.
For example, imagine that you are in this long distance relationship with your girlfriend and then she doesn’t say anything and she just comes to you with no notice and you open the door and you are very surprised to see her there and then you say,
A to mi zrobiłaś niespodziankę. “Oh, you sure surprised me.”
8. Polska “Poland”
Polska means well, “Poland”
So if you want to say that “Poland is in Central Europe”, you can say, Polska leży w Europie Centralnej.
9. Spać “Sleep”
Okay. So the next word is Spać which means, “to sleep” and for example, when you meet your friend in the morning and you want to ask, like, “did you sleep well?”
In Polish, we would say - Wyspałaś się?
if that’s a girl, or Wyspałeś się? if that’s a guy. I know that this Wyspałaś się doesn’t really sound like spać because we attached WY in front of it but it actually is the same verb. Again, for a girl, you can say - [Wyspałaś się? “did you sleep well?”
Or for a guy - Wyspałeś się?
10. Super! “Awesome!”
Let’s say you found out that your best friends are dating and you are so happy and you say like,
Super! To kiedy ślub? “Awesome! So, when’s the wedding?”
11. Szczęśliwy “Happy”
Okay. So the next word is, Szczęśliwy which basically means “Happy”
Well, let’s go back to this Valentine’s Day and when you are with your sweetheart and you want to say how happy you are with him, you can say,
Jestem z tobą bardzo szczęśliwa. Which means, “I am very happy with you.”
And this is something that the girl would say but if you’re a guy, you just have to change this last part, szczęśliwa to szczęśliwe.
12. Pływać “To swim”
If you go to the seaside with your friends and you want to tell them you know, I am not so good at swimming, so please watch me. And before something happens, you just say,
Nie umiem dobrze pływać. Which literally means, “I can’t swim well.”
13. Zdrowy “healthy”
Zdrowy means “healthy” and there’s this very common Polish saying that you can use. It’s W zdrowym ciele, zdrowy duch. Which means, “In a healthy body, healthy mind.”
14. Oczywiście “of course”
Actually, a lot of my friends who are learning Polish, they say that this one is their favorite and if somebody asked you for a favour and you want to say, but of course, I will do it for you, no problem, of course, you can say,
Ależ oczywiście! “But of course!”
15. Do zobaczenia później. “See you later.”
Do zobaczenia później. And it means, “See you later.”
When you are going back home, you want to say bye to your friends, co-workers, classmates or anybody else, you can say,
No to do zobaczenia później. “Well, see you later.”
Thank you for watching 15 Favorite Words (Chosen by Fans). My name is Marzena and if you like this video, please leave a comment and see you later! Do zobaczenia później.


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