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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody. Welcome to Top Polish words. My name is Marzena and today, we will learn Top 10 Phrases Tourists Should Never Use.
So here we go.
1. To jest obrzydliwe! “That’s disgusting!”
To jest obrzydliwe! Means “it’s disgusting!”
And I guess you would never like anybody to say that about your, for example, traditional food. So I never met anybody who would say something like that about Polish food or Polish traditions or at least not into my face but I’ll feel very bad if somebody did. I guess there is a lot of different countries where you can go and they would have a lot of food that looks disgusting but still, you shouldn’t say that because those people are eating that and it’s like for them, it’s something traditional or something like they eat every day and I bet, you wouldn’t like to hear it either. So please don’t do it. Don’t do it in Poland or in any other country.
2. Mój kraj jest lepszy. “My country is better”
Hm Mój kraj jest lepszy. Which means, “my country is better.”
Obviously a big no, no. Please avoid it. Avoid it in Poland, avoid it in any other country. Me as a Polish person, I wouldn’t like to hear that and especially for – I mean especially from people from neighboring countries because we tend to you know try to get better and better and better and we tend to try to get better than other countries around us and of course, everybody else is doing the same thing but never, ever verbalize that like ever like don’t say it.
3. Wolałabym wrócić do domu. “I would rather be back home.”
Wolałabym wrócić do domu. So if you are a girl, you will actually say that.
If you are a guy, you may try saying, Wolałbym wrócić do domu.
So Wolałabym, Wolałbym but what does it mean? Well, it means that I would rather be back home and yeah, imagine hearing that in your country like you will feel just sad when people say that. This means that they really don’t like it here and that’s something that’s a very rude thing to say and you may hurt a lot of people around you. So please don’t do it ever. Big No!
4. Zamknij się! “Shut up!”
Okay. So the next one is not only for tourists but in general, we shouldn’t say that phrase and it’s Zamknij się! Which literally it means, close yourself but basically we use it as a “shut up!” Zamknij się!
And obviously, that’s not a nice thing to say, not even to your friends and it’s very rude and even your best friends with whom you are very close and maybe it’s okay to say in English but in Polish, no. People will just get angry at you. So please try to avoid this one. But know what it means because you may hear it from somebody else and that’s the point where you should be angry at this person.
5. Nie interesuje mnie twoja kultura. "I'm not very interested in your culture."
Another big no, no when you’re in a foreign country is,
Nie interesuje mnie twoja kultura. Which basically means, "I'm not interested in your culture."
And that’s the point when you’re asking yourself why are you even here if you’re not interested in it and why don’t you just get back home and basically you feel offended. You feel maybe attacked because your culture or whatever you are living in like your everyday life, your everyday culture, small things you do every day. It’s obviously very important to you and to all the people around you. And if somebody says, well, I have no interest in that like do whatever or be whatever. That’s something, that’s the point where you can really hurt people. So please don’t do it.
6. Nie lubię poznawać nowych ludzi. "I don't like meeting new people."
Another one is not so much for tourists. It’s for a person just meeting new people where – well, guess what, if you’re a tourist, you will meet a lot of new people and that’s the point where you shouldn’t use this phrase. Nie lubię poznawać nowych ludzi.
Which basically means, “I don’t like meeting new people.”
And if you are telling it to a person you just met, well, that’s a big faux pas you shouldn’t make. So please try to avoid it.
7. Zjedzmy w McDonaldzie. "Let's just eat at McDonald's."
Another one that is a big no, no is, Zjedzmy w McDonaldzie. Which means, "Let's just eat at McDonald's."
And yes, of course. If you’re going to another country, people would like you to try their own food and the same is in Poland. And the same goes anywhere you go. So like for example, one of my Polish friends, he came to Japan and you know, Japan, amazing food and he was eating McDonald’s every day and spending much more money than he should well, on it because it’s actually pretty expensive. And he never even tried like this good Japanese food. So I guess, all the people he knew from Japan, they felt a little bit offended and it would be the same for me from Poland. So if you come to Poland and you are like, ah, I would not try Polish food like let’s just eat – let’s just go to McDonald’s, let’s just eat at McDonald’s like… Why? Why are you even here or why don’t you want to like get to know new culture, right? So please try to avoid this.
8. Nudy! "Boring!"
Nudy! Or nudy, it means “boring” and that’s something you don’t want to say, not even as a tourist, but as a friend or if you go to Polish home or I mean, Polish house or whenever you talk to Polish people, you are sitting around anybody who can understand Polish and you say like, ah, it’s so boring, Nudy! Nudy! No, that’s something you don’t want to do ever. And that goes the same in any other language I guess and not even if you’re a tourist but if you are like in your own country and just speaking with somebody who speaks Polish. Please don’t do this, not good.
9. To smakuje okropnie, "This tastes awful."
To smakuje okropnie means "This tastes awful." Yeah again, something you wouldn’t like to tell somebody especially if this person, your Polish friend cooked you a wonderful dinner and you got this opportunity to try all these different Polish food and then you are like, To smakuje okropnie, no, not a good thing to do in any country, Polish or Poland included.
10. Zostanę dzisiaj w hotelu. "I'm going to spend a day in the hotel."
Another one that somebody may actually feel offended is,
Zostanę dzisiaj w hotelu. "I'm going to spend a day in the hotel."
So yes, obviously, Zostanę dzisiaj w hotelu is something you wouldn’t like to hear if you’re like – I mean, if your friend comes to your country and you want to show them like everything and you prepared everything and you’ve got this whole one day schedule, sightseeing schedule and they said, no, today, I will just stay at the hotel, zostanę dzisiaj w hotelu; and I would just eat at McDonald’s. I would just – yeah, zjedzmy w McDonaldzie, I will eat at McDonald’s, and this is you know showing that you have no interest whatsoever in the country you just came to. It is a very bad way to start relationship with a country like that or with a person from that country. A big no, no. Please don’t do it.
Thank you for watching. Today, we learned Top 10 Phrases Tourists Should Never Use. And let us know in the comments what kind of phrases a tourist should never use in your country.”
So thank you for watching and see you again!
I am not very interested in your culture.
So, why you are here?
Yeah. They are giving me money, so I am here.
I said a tourist, not tourists.
Should I be killed for that and do it again?
Hello everybody!
And bye bye! Okay. Remember to like this video and go to polishpod10 -

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