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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody. My name is Marzena and today, we will learn 10 Most Romantic Ideas for a Date. So here we go.
1. Kolacja przy świecach “candlelight dinner”
You can have a very nice dinner within the restaurant, very romantic dinner in the restaurant but if you want to put a little bit more effort, you can prepare this nice candlelight dinner at home and invite your girlfriend or the other way around, invite your boyfriend and if you are this lucky girl where your boyfriend just prepared it for you, you can say,
Na walentynki mój chłopak przygotował kolacje przy świecach. "For Valentine's, my boyfriend prepared a candlelit dinner."
So it’s not really in Polish tradition to go for candlelight dinner. And although we do love it, it’s like very romantic idea, I wouldn’t expect something like that from a Polish boyfriend.
2. Pójść na długi spacer “to go for a long walk.”
Another great idea would be to go for a long walk. Which in Polish is, pójść na długi spacer.
And it, of course, depends on where you live. If you live in Warsaw, I think a very romantic place would be to go by the river or to the old town. Old town is definitely very, very romantic. Or if it’s winter like Valentine’s, then, there would be probably lots of lights in Nowy Swiat or Krakowskie Przedmieście Street and that’s like an amazing place to just walk around. Also in Krakow, the old town is very beautiful. And in other cities, I guess the city center can be lovely, really lovely for a very long walk like this.
So for example, you can say,
Poszłabym na długi spacer. That’s if you are a girl or
If you are a guy - Poszedłbym na długi spacer. which means, “I’d like to go for a long walk.”
3. Pójść na kręgle “to go bowling”
Another one if you’re a fan of bowling, you can just say pójść na kręgle.
Pójść na kręgle means “to go bowling”
Pójść na kręgle
And for example, we can say,
Jutro pójdę na kręgle. "Tomorrow I will go bowling."
Even though, we’ve got some bowling places around Warsaw, Krakow and some other major cities, it’s not very popular in Poland. I remember the first time I went bowling was probably when I was at the university just because we had bowling alley in the undergrounds of our library. Don’t ask me how but we did. But it’s not the first thing you will think of I guess. So if you are a fan, yeah sure but you would probably have to look around to find a good place.
4. Pójść do akwarium "to go to the aquarium"
So if you are a guy and you’ve been to aquarium yesterday, you can say,
Poszedłem wczoraj do akwarium. “Yesterday, I went to the aquarium.”
And again, it’s not very popular activity in Poland. I cannot remember right now where we do have big aquariums. It’s not a lot actually if any. So something that you may enjoy maybe outside of Poland with your Polish girlfriend or boyfriend more.
5. Pójść do opery “to go to the opera”
And this would be a popular or semi-popular activity in bigger cities like Warsaw or Krakow. Especially Warsaw and Krakow. So I think the first time I was in Opera was when I moved to Warsaw and I actually went to see Madama Butterfly which was amazing. But the thing is that people do not enjoy that in other cities. Only in those two big main cities I guess in Poland, maybe Gdańsk and some other like Poznań bigger cities but it’s not so common in the small ones as you may expect.
6. Pójść do zoo “to go to the zoo”
And that’s something you can enjoy almost everywhere. We got pretty nice zoos all split all over the Poland and there is actually very nice one in my hometown which is located in the small island. My hometown is called Opole and the zoo is located in a small island in the middle of the river and it’s really amazing. I personally don’t like zoos because I don’t like seeing all those animals in cages but over there, there is almost no cages. And it’s sort of spacious because it like takes the whole island literally. So that’s very nice thing about it.
So for example, you can say,
Pójdziemy do zoo w weekend? “Will we go to the zoo on the weekend?”
7. Urządzić piknik “to have a picnic”
Another one you can enjoy would be urządzić piknik “to have a picnic.”
And usually I mean if you’re living in a big city, you don’t have your own garden. So you just go to a park but if you are – if you live in any of the smaller ones and it doesn’t have to be really small but a lot of places, like people tend to have their own gardens. So they will just have a picnic in the garden, their own garden and it’s very popular. Very popular in summer. Maybe early autumn or something like that when it’s still not so cold or late spring. Obviously not winter. But yes, it’s very popular for kids going with the parents or for couples going to a picnic. We love to eat outside. We love to sit outside and enjoy the nature.
Urządzimy piknik w parku? “Will we have a picnic in park?”
8. Iść na kolację i obejrzeć film “to have dinner and see a movie.”
This would be one of the most popular options I guess. That’s what I usually do. When I go out with my boyfriend, we just have dinner and maybe couple of drinks and then we go and see a movie or two. And I think that’s the easiest one to arrange for Valentine’s or any other day because it doesn’t really depend so much on the weather.
W piątek idziemy na kolację, a potem obejrzymy film. "On Friday, we will go for a dinner and then we will watch a movie."
9. Przejechać się promem “to take a ferry ride.”
So I guess you can do it kind of on the big, big river, Vistula river in Warsaw when you go to the sea. You can enjoy that too. Not in a lot of places but the places where you can do that, it’s amazing. It’s very nice. It’s very nice thing to do especially in summer.
So for example, if you are going for this romantic evening, you can say,
Wieczorem przejedziemy się promem. “In the evening, we will take a ferry ride.”
I am a big fan of those wonderful wide beaches which we don’t have in Poland but after seeing lots of beaches around the world, I know that Polish beaches are amazing. They are amazing. They are not wide but kind of gold but they are very long, beautiful and a very nice place for a romantic date especially in summer.
So another thing you can do is,
10. Spacerować po plaży “to walk on the beach.”
So if you like this late evening walks on the beach, you can say,
Wieczorem przespacerujemy się po plaży. “In the evening, we’ll walk on the beach.”

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