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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody. My name is Marzena. Welcome to Polish Top words. Today, you’ll learn Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Poland. So here we go!
1. Kraków “Krakow”
Our number one tourist attraction is Krakow and I must say I really, really agree. Or actually more with a Polish accent, let’s say, Kraków.
Kraków or Krakow is a very beautiful city. It’s in the southern part of Poland. And you probably know that already. It used to be an old Polish capital and it still has this wonderful castle and then there is the lake around and you can eat wonderful, very, very good cheese there and you can drink amazing beer and just walk around small streets which are very charming.
And for example, you can say,
Kraków jest bardzo piękny. “Krakow is very beautiful.”
2. Wrocław “Wroclaw”
Our attraction #2 is Wrocław. Wrocław is also on the southern part of Poland. It is actually very close to my hometown Opole. And Wroclaw is very famous for krasnoludki. Krasnoludki are the little dwarfs which are put everywhere around the Warsaw and you can basically go around and go from one side to another and do the sightseeing while looking for dwarfs.
So for example, if you are very close to a prison, then you will have a small tiny little prisoner sitting there or if you are very close to a famous restaurant, you may have a very small tiny little dwarf eating a lot and sitting there or if you are in a tourist spot, sometimes there will be a tourist dwarf. So it’s lots of fun to just go walk around and look for those tiny little guys. There is an app to do that too. So you can use an app and you try to collect them all and find them all and take all the pictures but it’s amazingly difficult like I guess there is 50 or 100 or whatever. There are like new coming every year or every month also. So it’s very difficult and then it can be very, very small like this small, tiny, tiny guys or they can be bigger and I guess the biggest one and they are actually quite big. You cannot see it here but quite big. Maybe half a meter, maybe one meter even but there is very few guys like that. Most would be like this, like this. So try to find them. Not easy. And of course, you can say,
Widziałeś krasnoludki we Wrocławiu? “Have you seen the dwarfs in Wroclaw?”
3. Boleslawiec. “Boleslawiec”
And now, we are going very close to Wroclaw. So we can basically go on a one-day trip to Boleslawiec. Boleslawiec, it’s a tiny city that is very famous for its ceramics. You probably have seen it somewhere around. It’s like cups and plates with this beautiful hand-painted, blue leaves and blue flowers and circles but basically, it’s blue. It’s usually blue and it’s very specific. It’s not very small, usually like those circles and every other thing that’s painted. It’s quite big and very characteristic. So I guess if you’ve seen it once or if you Google Boleslawiec, you will see it right away. There are, it’s not one factory or it’s not one place doing that or making stuff like that. There is like several places all around Boleslawiec. And you can take part in workshops as well. So you can make your own mug or something and have it sent to you. So that’s very convenient and it’s a very nice way of sightseeing and learning something new and making your own souvenirs.
So for example, you can say,
Ceramika z Bolesławca jest znana na całym świecie. “Ceramics from Boleslawiec are well known all around the world.”
4. Warszawa “Warsaw”
And we go to number four and number four is Warszawa. Warszawa or Warsaw. So it’s basically our capital right now and it’s actually very attractive for tourists because of its old city. Old city which was registered as UNESCO World Heritage and it’s basically the only one UNESCO World Heritage in the world that is not in an original appearance because it was totally destroyed during the World War II like the whole Old City was destroyed and it was rebuilt brick by brick exactly as it was before in the same way. That’s why it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage even though it shouldn’t be because it is relatively new and it was rebuilt. It’s not the original one but as I said, it was rebuilt identically to what it was before and there is a castle there as well which is so so. I guess the Old City is better and then go for Pierogi and the nice beer there. I think that’s a better way to spend your time there. Also, there is this Copernicus Center where you can learn a lot about science. You can try it by yourself. You can play with all the stuff and yeah. And I guess, that’s the nice way to spending time as well.
And you can say,
Stare miasto w Warszawie jest bardzo romantyczne. “The Old Town in Warsaw is very romantic.”
5. Wieliczka “Wieliczka”
Now, we go back to Krakow and our number five on the list is Wieliczka “Wieliczka.”
Wieliczka is actually a Salt Mine which is located I don’t know maybe 50, 60 maybe 100 kilometers from Krakow. Actually, it’s a one-day trip. I don’t know exactly how many kilometers is that. And it’s very famous for what’s inside it because inside the Wieliczka, inside of this very old Salt Mine, you could for example, a huge charge underground where everything like I mean literally everything is made out of salt. And it is really impressive when you go down there and you walk around and you go lower and lower and lower and you see this amazing thing there being there like underground and it’s made out of salt only. Wow! Like it’s really wow! It’s really worth this one-day trip.
So for example, you can say,
Kopalnia soli w Wieliczce jest warta zobaczenia. “The Wieliczka Salt Mine is worth seeing.”
6. Mazury “Masuria”
Now, we are going a little bit more north or actually quite north, quite north. And we are going to Mazury. Masuria or we call, Mazury; Kraina Tysiąca Jezior, which is basically “the land of 1000 lakes” but there is more than 1000 lakes there. It’s a beautiful nature, many lakes being connected with rivers. So you can go from one lake to another and to another through the river. I myself did it once for one week. We were traveling around from one lake to another and just you know setting our tents at night, sleeping, packing everything in the morning and going back to Kayaks and just going Kayaking the whole day and then next up and again the same and that’s for one week and I would be – I mean, I could be doing that for like two or three weeks even because it’s so beautiful. It’s just amazing.
So if you are the lucky one, you can say,
Za tydzień jedziemy na Mazury. “Next week, we are going to Masuria.”
7. Biskupin “Biskupin”
Now, we are going a little bit west and we go to Biskupin. Biskupin used to be a very old Polish village. So you can still see like these old buildings there. Everything is outside. You can see like this old fence and very characteristic, very old, very old. I mean like really, really old Polish city which is why people are going to Biskupin. They want to see that. They want to see how people lived maybe over 1000 years ago and that’s one of the trips I really want to make myself because I’ve never been there and I’ve heard it’s an amazing place to go. So maybe next time for my holiday hopefully. Hopefully? Fingers crossed, I would be able to go there.
So if you are like me, you can say,
Bardzo chciałabym zobaczyć Biskupin. “I would really love to see Biskupin.”
8. Bieszczady “Bieszczady Mountains”
And now we are going south to the mountains and we go to Bieszczady. Bieszczady or Bieszczady Mountains are wonderful mountains in Poland where you can enjoy nature. You can climb mountains and you can go around. You can go to like, there are some small rivers. You can come there. I guess it’s very popular especially during the summer but also during the winter when there’s like the ski season there.
So for example, you can say,
Byłeś kiedyś w Biszczadach? “Have you ever been in Bieszczady?”
9. Zamek w Malborku “Malbork Castle.”
Now, we are going back, back north, north and we are going to Malbork. So a city of a huge castle, the biggest castle, the biggest middle ages castle in the world and it’s Zamek w Malborku or “the castle in Malbork.”
Zamek w Malborku. So you can go there. You can enjoy this middle ages scenery. You can actually cook middle ages food, try it and you can try being a swordsman as well. And of course, if you see this huge castle, you can say,
Zamek w Malborku jest ogromny. “The castle in Malbork is huge.”
10. Puszcza Białowieska “Białowieża Forest”
Now, we are going to the east. The east part and we are going to Puszcza Białowieska. Puszcza Białowieska is “Białowieża Forest” and it’s very famous for zubry. Zubry which is the big Polish Bison, the only one Bison in Europe. It’s huge. It does not attack people. So people just go usually I mean, if you don’t provoke it. So people just go early in the morning and do this Bison watching and you are trying to catch one, a glimpse of one or two or maybe three even if you are lucky. And there is also the Bison beer. You can try Bison beer. It’s called zubry. You can try it everywhere around Poland. It’s very good. And yeah, and that’s it. That’s Puszcza Białowieska
So you can say,
W Puszczy Białowieskiej żyją żubry. “Bisons live in Białowieża Forest.”
So that’s all for today. Thank you.

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