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Lesson Transcript

Hello, welcome to Polish Top words. My name is Marzena and today, we’ll learn Top 10 Phrases Your Parents Always Say. So here we go!
1. Bądź ostrożny. “Be careful”
Bądź ostrożny or actually if you’re a girl, your mom or dad will say, Bądź ostrożna.
So Bądź ostrożny, Bądź ostrożna. Be careful. And oh actually, my mom didn’t say that a lot. My mom usually just let me do whatever I want. So it was very crazy because I was like maybe 14, 15 and I was traveling around Poland by myself which looking from the perspective right now, I don’t think I would let my kid do that. But yeah, but a lot of parents do say that and this is definitely something to remember especially if you’re in Poland or you’ve got Polish kids. So maybe you will have Polish wife or Polish husband. So Bądź ostrożny, Bądź ostrożna.
2. Bądź cicho. “Be quiet”
Well, that’s not a nice one to say. Come on, kids want to say something. I don’t remember my mom ever saying that. I guess well, I was a very good kid and I behaved kind of. But I don’t know like probably a lot of parents will say it but not in my house. I never heard that like it’s like, I wanted to say something, I wanted to express myself. Why should I just stay quiet and do nothing.
3. Zachowuj się. “Behave”
Have you ever heard this one from your parents? Yeah, when you go out with your kid and the kid is just misbehaving and you are on the train and the kid starts like crying and saying like, I want this, I want that. I am not going there. Then, that’s the correct one to use.
Zachowuj się.
4. Odrób swoje zadanie domowe! “Do your homework!”
Well, that’s the one that I never, ever heard from my mom. Actually, it was the other way around. It was, mom, do my homework. I always felt that, well, I was doing my homework when I felt that it’s worth doing but when there was something that was too easy like usually math homework was just too easy for me. So my mom only checked if I understood it more or less and then she was doing it for me because I was like, I am not doing. That is too easy. It’s nah nah nah.
5. Marsz do łóżka. “Go to bed”
Well, I guess my mom was very specific because I never heard that one as well. But I just went to bed whenever I wanted to and I woke up whenever I wanted to. When I was younger, I was just going to bed relatively [0:03:20.8] early and then I tried to woke up very, very early to be the first one in the kindergarten because I just wanted to be the first one and when I was older, I even once switched my schedule for my high school and I just, I was just doing different circle. So I came back from high school, I went to sleep, I woke up at midnight and then I was doing homework or studying or whatever. I went to high school and then back and then something like that. So it’s like on the night schedule. My mom didn’t really care like nobody didn’t really care but I think it was good for me. I could decide by myself. I hope so.
6. Liczę do trzech. “I am going to count to three.”
This is something very specific. So I think not all the parents say that. I hope so. I don’t know like I’ve never heard it, well, at my home and not from my friends or anybody around. So maybe we don’t really say that in Poland. I am not a mom myself, so I wouldn’t know but I never, never, ever heard it anywhere around or in the movies or anything like that. So maybe it’s more like English specific. I don’t know.
7. Przestań. “Stop”
I guess like if you’re misbehaving and one of those would be – one of the things you can say to a kid like that who is misbehaving is of course zachowuj się do you remember that one? Zachowuj się. But another one, even more general one would be Przestań. It maybe not the easiest one to pronounce but it’s good because you can use it to a guy and you can use it to a girl and you can use it to kids but you can use it to anybody else as well. So if you remember this one short maybe difficult to pronounce word, it will be very, very, very convenient and you can use it to anything you want. Przestań.
8. Co powiedziałeś? “What did you say?”
If your kid is a boy or a male teenager, you would say, Co powiedziałeś?
If it’s a girl, Co powiedziałaś?
Co powiedziałeś? Co powiedziałaś? “What did you say?”
Yeah, I guess I heard this one from my mom few times.
9. Nie żartuję. “I’m not kidding.”
And then usually she or your dad will just say something like, “I will take your laptop away” or “you’ll have no internet for a week or month or whatever.” When I was young, there was nothing like no internet because there was no internet. So I guess I was lucky to some extent. It was like more like you are not going outside for a week or you are not – I don’t think I got that. But you could get that potentially like you are not going outside for a week or stay in your room or something like that right now, it’s like no internet, no games, no computer or stuff like – and it’s like you have to go out. Don’t stay at home. So it’s all the other way around I guess.
10. Wyłącz ten telewizor, natychmiast. “Turn the TV off now.”
Yeah. So this one, I didn’t hear but that maybe because this small tiny detail that I used to go to the room with TV, the big room with TV and close the door, lock the door so nobody can get in and just watch whatever I wanted. Sometimes I even slept there whatever. So even if my mom wanted to say something, she kind of couldn’t. So I guess I took care of that part.

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