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Lesson Transcript

Hello everybody. Welcome to Polish Top Words. My name is Marzena and today, we will learn Top 10 Phrases You’ll Need for a Date. So let’s begin.
1. Pójdziesz ze mną na obiad? “Would you like to go out to dinner with me?”
So actually if you say it like this Pójdziesz ze mną na obiad? It can mean both lunch and dinner because we still kind of live in this culture when dinner was actually lunch and then supper was something like a dinner right now but I guess if we are talking about romantic dinner, then everybody will just know we are talking about dinner. Dinner or supper, not lunch. And there is plenty of nice places you can take your loved one in Warsaw and not only in Warsaw. Plenty of nice coffee shops, plenty of nice restaurants, romantic restaurants. So be sure to try it out when you are in Poland.
And then if you’re preparing for a romantic weekend, you can ask,
2. Masz wolne w ten weekend? “Are you free this weekend?”
There is plenty of places you can take your loved one on the weekend for one or for two days trip. You can go to Krakow. You can go to Zakopane, it’s the mountains. Now, if you are a guy and you want to just ask your friend, your lady friend out, you can ask,
3. Chciałabyś gdzieś ze mną pójść? “Would you like to hang out with me?”
So be careful because this one may sound really weird if you do it in this weird voice like “would you like to hang out with me somewhere?” But if you just want to leave the decision on when or where to go to your friend, then, yes, or to your loved one, then - Chciałabyś gdzieś ze mną pójść?
By just saying gdzieś somewhere, you are not pushing anything on her. You just let her decide where she wants to go.
Now, if there are any ladies watching us. If you want to say to your loved one that you are so cute, and so nice as well because both of those meanings are in the sentence. You can just say,
4. Jesteś taki słodki. “You are so cute.”
So if your boyfriend brings the flowers or chocolate or anything else or does something very nice for you, you can just say, Jesteś taki słodki.
Now if a guy wants to say something like that to a girl, well, you can say Jesteś taki słodka, which just changed słodki to słodka, but that would be like saying, you are so cute and nice and thank you for doing this for me and if you just want to say that she’s cute, like, looks cute, I would just say śliczna.
Jesteś taki śliczna.
And of course, there is masculine form, śliczny, but you wouldn’t say that to a guy. Um, cute to a guy? No, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah…
5. Wyglądasz świetnie. “You look great.”
Be sure to say that a lot to your girlfriend or to your boyfriend as well because many of Polish guys, they just don’t.
And then at the end of this beautiful night, you can just say,
6. To był wspaniały wieczór. “That was a great evening.”
So when you say bye bye to your boyfriend or bye bye to your girlfriend and you just want to say how much you appreciate the time they spent with you, you can say,
To był wspaniały wieczór.
Now, when you met this nice girl or this nice guy and you exchange your cell phone numbers, you can always say when you say bye-bye.
7. Zadzwonię do ciebie. “I’ll call you.”
And if you are a guy, be sure to do that first because Polish ladies, they would be probably waiting and they will not call you unless you do it first. Now if you are a gentleman and you want to offer your lady that you want to drive her back home, you can say,
8. Odwiozę cię do domu. “I will drive you home.”
Odwiozę cię do domu can mean that this person will literally drive you home or that he or she will just drive home with you on a bus or train or anything just because you are too drunk or just because he feels like it’s not safe, it’s very late and he just prefers to go with you which is pretty nice thing to do.
Also, it is very important when you set the date to set the time as well. So you can ask,
9. O której się jutro spotykamy? “What time shall we meet tomorrow?”
I know that time is a very different thing in different cultures. Someone will be just five minutes before the time while somebody like someone else will be one hour past the time or one hour late. In Poland in general, I think most people will be on time. If they will be late more than five minutes, they will call you. If you are waiting for your boyfriend or girlfriend and it’s been already 30 minutes, well, there’s something wrong probably. And if you had this great day with somebody you met for the first time, you can ask,
10. Mogę cię znów zobaczyć? “Can I see you again?”
And it is a sentence which you can use if you are a girl or if you are a guy. It doesn’t matter. Mogę cię znów zobaczyć? Very nice thing to do. If you like somebody and you think that the things just clicked, why not try again?

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