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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to Top Polish Words. Today, we will do 10 Compliments You Always Want to Hear.
So my name is Marzena and here we go.
1. Jesteś przystojny. “You are handsome.”
Jesteś przystojny.
So “you are handsome,” or Jesteś przystojny, you will use it to guys, not so much to girls. For girls, you can say like ładne, piękne, or something close to that. And I believe every single guy in Poland will be very, very happy if you tell him that.
2. Jesteś niesamowitym przyjacielem. “You are an awesome friend.”
So Jesteś niesamowitym przyjacielem is something I would tell to my, like, very, very good friend because you use the word przyjaciel, and we have two words for friends in Polish. So kolega or koleżanka, we use it when we refer to a friend that is not very, very close friend but when we say, when we talk about very, very close friend, we will say przyjaciel, or sometimes przyjaciółka, which refers to a girl. So przyjaciel and przyjaciółka.
Jesteś niesamowitym przyjacielem. “You are an awesome friend.”
3. Twoje wnętrze jest jeszcze piękniejsze niż twój wygląd zewnętrzny. “Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside.” Which is a great compliment to say to a girl or even a guy in Poland but I believe a lot of my friends would be like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, ah I am so happy. And yeah, why not? Why not make people happy? So you can use that one.
4. Twoje CV jest imponujące. “Your resume is impressive.”
Yeah, you can say that about somebody’s CV if you feel like it’s really good, good person. It’s like, they have this impressive resume and they are so good but also you can use instead of CV, you can use the word, Polish word życiorys, which basically is the history of your life which is CV as well. We use both. We use CV, we use życiorys. You can use one or the other. Both are okay.
And what if somebody does a good job or a great job. Well, in that case, you can say,
5. Dobra robota! “Great job!”
You can use it to your friend or you can use it at work to your co-worker. Well, I guess, you wouldn’t say it to your boss but everybody else is okay or maybe not to your teacher but everybody else, it’s a good way to praise somebody.
6. Ta kurtka wygląda na tobie ładnie. “This jacket looks nice on you.”
And who wouldn’t like to hear that. I guess, it’s a very nice thing to say especially among the girls. So if you have a girlfriend, you can tell her that you know, “this jacket looks nice on you.” Or you can say, “this skirt looks nice on you.”
Ta kurtka, ta spódniczka, ta kolia, which is like this necklace or, for example, ta czapka which is like this hat.
Wygląda na tobie ładnie, “Looks nice on you.”
7. Twój uśmiech jest piękny. “Your smile is beautiful.”
Which I guess, a guy can say to a girl definitely probably more often than the girl would say that to a guy and that’s a very big compliment. I would feel like, oh my gosh, what! “Your smile is so beautiful.” Ah… And I would probably be super red.
8. Wyglądasz przepięknie. “You look gorgeous.”
This is something probably a boyfriend would say to his girlfriend and sometimes I would say it to my girlfriends as well just to make them feel better and when they look really, really gorgeous, I would say,
Wyglądasz przepięknie. “You look gorgeous.”
9. Jesteś niezastąpiony. “You are irreplaceable.”
Something you will say to a guy and to a girl, you would just change it a little bit and you will say, niezastąpiona. Something you can use to your co-worker, to your friend. Even if you are a boss, you can use it to all your workers. Something that will make everybody feel better about themselves. So you can just simply say - Jesteś niezastąpiony, or jesteś niezastąpiona.
Woohoo! You know that?
10. Zaskoczyłeś mnie pozytywnie. “You surprised me positively.”
Which is a good way to compliment on somebody’s job well done or that somebody acted in a very, very good way or very wise way and you can say it to your friends. You can say it to your co-workers. Basically, almost everybody unless this person is very, very much above you in the hierarchy, maybe that’s not a good idea but everybody else is okay, fine and people will be super happy to hear that.
So, that’s all for today. Once again, my name is Marzena and today we did 10 Compliments You Always Want to Hear.” So what are the compliments you want to hear? Leave it in comments. See you!