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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone. My name is Marzena. Welcome to Top Polish Words. Today, we will study 10 Reasons to Learn a Language.
So here we go.
1. To jest piękny język! “It’s a beautiful language.”
I know a lot of people learning language just because it sounds beautiful for them. But not learning a language because they don’t like the sound but many of my friends, they are like, oh, I love it. I love the sound of this language. I love the sound of Polish. I want to speak Polish. Oh, I want to learn it. So that’s a very good motivation. So keep going.
2. żeby porozmawiać z polskimi przyjaciółmi “To chat with Polish friends.”
Uczę się polskiego, żeby porozmawiać z polskimi przyjaciółmi. “I study Polish to chat with my Polish friends.”
That’s a good reason because you can practice, you can use the time, this chatting with friends time to actually practice new words and practice the language you learn and that actually will make your study so much more easier and you will be improving way faster than other people. So try it.
3. Żeby tłumaczyć “To do translations.”
Studiowałem polonistykę, żeby tłumaczyć książki. “I studied Polish studies to translate books.”
If you have like a Polish author you really, really like or you love Polish poems. For example, you know, Szymborska who is a very famous writer and passed away maybe few years ago. So if you like her work and I do, it’s so much more beautiful when you read it in the original language and then try to translate it the best way possible because some people just fail with translation. So sometimes it’s just better to do it yourself and to learn and to read the original. It’s worth it.
4. Żeby oglądać filmy bez napisów “To watch movies without subtitles.”
Zapisałem się na kurs polskiego, żeby oglądać filmy bez napisów “I took a Polish language course to watch movies without subtitles.”
I don’t know if you know Andrzej Wajda who is very famous Polish director but if you do, you probably like his movies. Have you ever wondered how the movie sounds in Polish in the original language? You may try to find out once you study a little bit, once you get a little bit better and you can actually watch it and you can understand it better. You can understand the creation better and it’s so much more enjoyable to watch it in Polish. So try it.
5. Żeby mieszkać w Polsce “To live in Poland.”
For example, you can say,
Zacząłem uczyć się polskiego, żeby mieszkać w Polsce. “I started to learn Polish in order to live in Poland.”
Of course, you can live in Poland without knowing Polish and you can live in any other country without knowing that language but this is so much more difficult when you cannot even go and order coffee or your meal or beer or whatever you want in the language and it’s so much easier when you can. There will be no misunderstandings and it will be so much easier to get what you want and it would be so much easier to rent an apartment and to get a job once you speak the language. So that’s a very nice reason to start learning a language if you are going to that country or if you want to live in that country and Poland is very beautiful country to live in, then learning the language is a very, very, very good idea.
6. żeby rozumieć teksty piosenek “to understand song lyrics.”
Kupiłem słownik, żeby rozumieć teksty piosenek. “I bought a dictionary to understand song’s lyrics.”
Polish music is actually quite particular and it’s very nice. And what is nice about it is that that lyrics are wonderful. I prefer songs with lyrics and I love to understand whatever they are singing about just to feel the emotions and when it’s going up, why the voice is going down or up or why this person is doing this or that. Why is this faster or slower. The lyrics are the key to the song and that the song is hard. So it’s so much better when you can listen to it and understand it. And that’s a very nice reason to start learning a language. Why not?
7. żeby poznać nowych kolegów “To make new friends”
Pojechałem do Polski, żeby poznać nowych kolegów. “I went to Poland to make new friends.”
Polish people are very open and compared with other countries, it’s easier to make new friends and it’s even more easier if you speak the language. So that’s another good reason to start learning it.
8. żeby móc rozmawiać po polsku z krewnymi przez telefon “To be able to speak with Polish relatives on the phone.”
For example, you can say,
Przykładałem się do nauki polskiego, żeby móc rozmawiać po polsku z krewnymi przez telefon. “I tried hard to learn Polish to be able to speak with Polish relatives on the phone.”
We kind of love traveling, going to different countries and there is a lot of Poles living in US, there is lot of Poles living in Australia and all around the world and sometimes when it’s like second, third, fifth generation, people tend to forget the language but they still have families in Poland and they still want to communicate with them and it’s easier to communicate with them in their native language. So, if you have those Polish roots, that’s another good idea to start studying Polish to go back to your roots and to learn the language of your ancestors and be able to talk with your relatives in their own native language.
9. Zeby robić interesy z polskimi firmami “To do business with Polish companies.”
Uczę się polskiego przez internet, żeby robić interesy z polskimi firmami. “I am learning Polish through the internet to do business with Polish companies.”
If you are looking for a new business partner, then why not amaze them with, like, even a little bit of knowledge of Polish you know. If you even try to say cześć... or well, to your business partner, more like dzień dobry or dziękuję, like very, very simple words. This can make the whole relationship so much easier. And going so much better. So, try that.
10. Żeby skończyć szkołę w Polsce “To graduate from a school in Poland”
Przyjechałem tutaj, żeby skończyć szkołę w Polsce. “I came here to finish school in Poland.”
Schools in Poland are actually very good. I would say our universities are at very, very high level. It’s not expensive. It’s actually free for people who live in Poland, for Polish people. It’s not I think free if you come from abroad but it’s pretty cheap. And if you compare the standard of education due to the price you pay, it’s actually very high standard for relatively low price. So it may be a good idea to try and start studying a little bit of Polish. Maybe start – go to Poland and maybe start doing some courses in English and then switch into courses in Polish. It may be lots of fun for you and a good experience and a good education as well.
So that’s all for today. Thank you for watching today with 10 Reasons for Learning a Language. What are your reasons for learning a language? See you!

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