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Absolute Beginner



In this set of 5 lessons, you will learn the very basics about Polish pronunciation. We break down all the sounds to make it easy for you to master Polish pronunciation!

PRONUNCIATION Title Topic Function Summary
#1 So Many Polish Consonants, So Few Polish Vowels Polish Vowels Learning about vowels in Polish Nine vowels in Polish.
#2 Polish Consonants and Their Shocking Number Polish Consonants Learning about Polish consonants 23 Polish consonants and their pronunciation.
#3 Very Polish Consonants Polish Consonants Learning about Polish consonants Affricate Consonants, Fricative Consonants, Consonants with an Acute Sign, and Sonorants.
#4 Voiced and Unvoiced Polish Consonants and Why Does It Matter? Polish Consonant Rules Learning about Polish consonant rules Recognizing the Difference between Voiced and Unvoiced Consonants
#5 ABCs of Polish Accent, Exceptions, and Accentuation of Groups of Words Polish Accentuation Learning about accentuation in Polish Accentuation of Single Words and Groups of Words in
the Polish Language