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You want to learn the Polish language, right? Whether you’re learning for travel, family, love or even if it’s just a personal dream... you’ve made a smart choice. With PolishPod101, you get to learn Polish the fast, fun and easy way.
Here are 3 reasons why PolishPod101.com works

You Learn Real Polish with Easy Audio/Video Lessons by Real Teachers

In fact, you speak Polish minutes into your first lesson. You get a lesson that’s perfect for your level the moment you join. First, you hear a Polish conversation. Then, our teachers slow down and explain every word until you understand it all. Every lesson is 3-15 minutes long so you can learn in just a few minutes a day. You can even read along.
  • Unlock the Largest Lesson Library in the World (235+ hours)
  • 1420+ Lessons by Native Teachers & Voice Actors
  • New, Up-to-Date Polish Lessons Every Week (FREE for Life)
  • Perfect for All Levels — From Absolute Beginner to Advanced
  • Read-Along Lesson Notes & Translations with Every Lesson
  • Lessons Cover All Topics: Polish Pronunciation, How to Write the Polish Alphabet, How to Read, Polish Vocabulary, Polish Grammar, Learn Polish Verbs, Conversations, Listening Comprehension and much more.

You Can Learn Anywhere, Anytime — At Home, In the Car, At the Gym

If you’re like most of our members, you want to be able learn in your car, on your commute or as you do errands. With PolishPod101, you get our FREE App for the iPhone, iPad and Android. You can take your lessons anywhere. Put your “wasted” time to use and learn Polish daily with a quick 3 or 15 minute session.
  • FREE App for the iPhone, iPad & Android Available with Membership
  • ALL Lessons, Notes & Study Tools on Your Smartphone
  • Track Progress Across Devices: Start On Your Phone & Finish on Your PC
  • Learn Polish Daily in 3-15 Minute Chunks — No Need to Spend Hours a Day

You Get Polish Study Tools & Access to Your Very Own Teacher

Want to learn Polish faster? Want an actual teacher but have no time for classes? With PolishPod101 you get access to 15+ Study Tools that will cut your learning time in half. And you can even learn with your own teacher via your device.
  • Study Tools: Top 2,000 Polish Words List, Smart Flashcards, Word Bank, Lesson Checklists and More!
  • 1-on-1 Interaction with Your Own Polish Teacher
  • Initial Assessment to Determine Your Level & Goals
  • Personalized Curriculum Planned Out by Your Teacher
  • App Access – Learn 1-on-1 with Your Teacher on the Go
  • 1-on-1 Writing Practice, Weekly Exercises & More!
Overview of the PolishPod101 Learning Program:
  • Learn Polish Audio Lessons
  • Learn Polish Video Lessons
  • Polish Lesson Notes & PDFs
  • Mobile Apps to Learn on the Go
  • Premium Polish Study Tools
  • 1-on-1 Learning with a Polish Teacher
  • Publishing New Lessons Since 2008
  • 750+ Million Lesson Downloads to Date
…and much more
Important Note:
“Is Polish Hard to Learn?”
Only if you’re studying words, phrases and grammar rules. It is easy when you have a Polish teacher who gives you real conversations. Who explains everything in an easy-to-understand way. Who tells you what to say and gets you speaking. This is exactly what you get in every PolishPod101 lesson.