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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody!
Do you know what monsters Polish people are scared of? In this lesson, you'll learn about three scary monsters in Poland.
Let’s start with the most popular monster.
[slowly] Rusałka
It means water nymph.
The Rusalka is a woman who died before getting married.
If a woman dies an unfair death and it is not avenged, her spirit remains on earth as a Rusalka. She usually lures men during the new moon and kills them with dancing or tickling.
That sounds pretty scary, right?
You might have heard about the next monster. The next one is...
[slowly] Strzyga
It's a female demon with claws.
The Strzyga is a person born with two hearts, two souls, and two rows of teeth.
Strzyga were usually chased out of the village and died young, but the second soul survived and drank blood and ate intestines. At night, it moves like an owl.
Okay. Here's the last monster.
[slowly] Zmora
Have you heard of this next one? This just means evil spirit.
The Zmora is the spirit of a person and vicious half-demonic creature.
Some say this is the wandering spirit of a person trapped in deep sleep or a coma. It causes nightmares and sleep paralysis. It sucks a person's life force while sitting on the victim's chest, but it cannot kill.
Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what we've learned. Listen to the names of each monster and repeat after me.
water nymph
* beep
female demon with claws
* beep
evil spirit
* beep
Well done! [pause]
Do you know how Polish people celebrate Halloween?
Halloween is not an official holiday in Poland, but younger people are increasingly having Halloween costume parties. All Saints and All Souls' Days are observed on the first two days of November, with rituals to commemorate the souls of the departed.
You just learned about three scary monsters in Poland and a cultural fact about Halloween in Poland.
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I'll see you next time. Dziękuję i do zobaczenia na następnej lekcji!


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Which monster do you like the most?

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I would say: ZMORA :)